Is it just me or is there a scowling Sasquatch face on that butterfly’s body? 👣
This is the milbert’s tortoiseshell, a stunning summer beauty that can be found across a large part of North America. Here in the subalpine wildflower fields of southwestern Colorado they are out in abundance! Their healthy population is in part due to the roughly 900 eggs a single female is capable of laying at once, as well as the sheer bounty of nettles available for her young to feast on once they hatch!

Roberto Cuoghi, Pazuzu.
Installation view at the Hammer Museum, Los Angeles.
January 22 - May 15, 2011.
The artist created a monumental sculpture after a tiny bronze statue from the collection of the Louvre, of an Assyrian deity Pazuzu, king of the demons of the wind. He hand-crafted a number of ancient musical instruments, which he then used in a musical accompaniment to his own singing of a lamentation from 612 b.c. invoking the protection of the Assyrian gods.

Alberto Giacometti | Sphynx
pic. by @chiaralice_rizzi for @ohmybluegallery

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Pazuzu first appeared in William Peter Blatty's The Exorcist in 1971. The novel is about a 12-year-old girl, Regan MacNeil, possessed by a demon. The demon is later revealed to be Pazuzu; though never explicitly stated to be the demon, two references were made about his statue, which was uncovered in the prologue by Father Lankester Merrin in northern Iraq.

Season 6 has so many good episodes, this scene is so cute, they miss each other's company so much and my heart hurts seeing them thinking that they won't ever work together again 💔 This gesture is so deep and meaningful, it means that he will be forever with her even though he's in another body 😭 and I love Mulder's little smile when Scully tells him that she would kiss him ❤️
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Nerd haul today included an unexpected Fox Mulder. We went to the Denio’s swap meet looking for game stuff which means we didn’t buy any, though we saw plenty of games.
I ended up with a Captain Picard figure, a Cheshire Cat, two Stranger Things pins, a Master Chief Funko Pop figure for my brother and ... Mulder. The spouse was digging through a pile of action figures. “Look at this. It’s a lazy, generic office worker figure.” I looked closer and I had a sneaking suspicion it was my favorite federal agent. He was missing what I suspected would be a FBI badge and what turned out to be a flashlight. I looked at his pleated pants (right era) and then at the bottom of his feet. Trademarked Fox and McFarlane Toys. Score!!! I told the spouse that Mulder was definitely coming home with me. He looks like he’s been living rough and could use a good shower. But I’m glad he found a home with me. For $2, too.
The spouse thinks we should’ve dickered for the Picard figure but it was a couple bucks cheaper than the other Star Trek Playmates figures I picked up a few months ago. The seller also had some other TNG main crew figs but I restrained myself.
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De camino a la playa me he acordado de esto. Ya escribí hace tiempo lo que opino de IWTB y no quisiera ser pesada, pero el tema es que me fui del cine absolutamente defraudada y me levanté sin terminar de ver los créditos, así que no vi esto hasta años después. .

En 2008 tenía 25 años y estaba enfadada con el mundo, así que no tenía yo er chichi pa farolillos. Me llevé a los cines Kinépolis (los mas grandes de Madrid al menos en esa época) a mi madre y a mi novio (que era ésto lo primero de Expediente X que veía, agüita salá...)

Entonces empieza a hablar Scully y mi madre y yo nos miramos con cara de WTF?. Yo ya no pude concentrarme mucho, lo suficiente para las 4 escenas que valen la pena. Porque la historia de los malvados rusos bujarrones roba órganos pues... vamos a ver Chris, my darling, si querías hacer un monster of the week, cúrrate un Tooms, un Donnie Pfaster a tope de psicosis, un Pusher to loco o incluso la espeluznante reaparición de los Peacock con su madre pútrida y medio zombi en el maletero ¿no?

Unos años antes, se estrenó la de 28 días. A mi esa peli me dejó bastante acongojada varios días. Me rayó bastante, no hacía más que pensar "podría atracar una farmacia y llevarme toda la insulina" "¿Pero y dónde me meto luego si corro menos que Clara la de Heidi?" Así como otras profundas reflexiones tipo "¿Huelen los zombies el azúcar?" "¿Seré un manjar para los no muertos?"
Como yo en esa época, era teleoperadora, eran mas o menos las cosas en las que pensaba mientras los clientes me decía hija puta por teléfono.

Bueno, el tema es que como me fui del cine espaventá perdía a la par que ojiplástica, no vi esto ni tampoco busqué mucho mas en internet. En esos tiempos pre-rrss yo principalmente era adicta a los foros. Estuve escribiendo tela de años en Dr.amor.com bajo el nick de Zarina .... 😅.
Tampoco comprendo mucho esta escena, la encuentro como desubicada. La entiendo como una metáfora de lo que le dice Mulder a Scully: "nos iremos lejos, solos tu y yo...". .

Pd. ¿No os parece que hay mucho muslamen ahí para ser Gillian? 🤔

I feel like someone has replaced all my organs with people with hangovers BUT my order from @gritnglory arrived and it is rad as fuck #xfiles #iwanttobelieve #ufo #pins #patches #burritos

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