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#pugsofinstagram Dexter sitting with his butt right in front of the heat register 😂 I’m #cold too bro! #puglife #pug #iwantanotherdog

#2017bestnine mostly fitness related except for the dog I couldn’t adopt... thanks for the reminder Instagram 😭😂 #fitness #overthisyear #iwantanotherdog

So, when I first moved into my home, the very first week (before I even owned Cas) a chubby brown lab showed at my door one night and she was the sweetest thing. That was about six months ago and I never saw her again... until Christmas Eve. I opened up the door to welcome a friend in and the same dog came running up to my door out of nowhere. I was shocked to see her (figured I'd never see her again) so I offered her some of Casper's treats and off she went. Well, my motion light outside kept going off just now, I opened my screen door and here she came trotting over to the door - except this time I held the door open for her and she came right on in. As always Casper was a sweet heart and jumped off the couch to greet her and thankfully she seemed smitten with Cas that instant. I let them visit for a while before leading them both outside to hang a bit. I sent her on her way with a bunch of MilkBones - which she started gathering up in her mouth all at once. Hate to see her go, but she's got a collar and is chubby, happy and clearly well taken care of. Hopefully I can find out which of my neighbors she belongs to so I can learn her name. Really wish I could get another dog for Cas - he loved the short visit he had with her. #unexpectedvisitor #herehaveamilkbone #caspersnewgirlfriend #getcasagirlfriend #shessosweet #iwantanotherdog

Christmas is better with puppies 🐶🎄 #puppies #puppylove #christmas #family #love #dogsofinstagram #iwantanotherdog

Enjoying the Christmas Break for the last 5-Days my Oldest Daughter has allowed me to Baby Sit The New Family Edition. Please Meet GHOST - They now call me Grandpa that already has him Spoiled Rotten. #LoveGhost #IWantAnotherDog #ThankYouKayla #Daddy’Girl#PuppyLover

Dog day afternoon with the communal dogs 🐶 of Yelapa. #dogs #beachdog #islanddog #dogpack #animallover #iwantanotherdog #yelapa #carfreeisland #dogfever

Babies 😍❤️😍

☄Sunday Vibes☄

Not sure who is more needy- men or dogs ?!? Jk jk jk I love my man and puppy 🐶 so much, especially when they look at me like this!!!! Ok so I guess its time to go outside and play in some snow ❄️

I LOVE getting my nails done!!!! My girl @becks_gelnails dog Remi is adorable, she loves to climb up on my lap and get loves while I’m getting my nails done. She was so freakin cute the other day! Gettin ready for Christmas!!! ❤️🎄💚 #nailfie #gelnails #IWantAnotherDog #ChristmasNails

The love is real with these two ❤️

The best way to wake up in the morning! @kierahannula sorry your dog ditches you for my bed when you crash on my futon 😂😂 #morningsnuggles #labsofinstagram #goldensofinstagram #Iwantanotherdog #theadventuresofchlobocopandthecriminal

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