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What's the price?
Spot my watermark
Ib: @law.pxnda

Had to make a blue exorcist edit cause u rarely see those
Dt: @karst.en and @law.hugzz
Aye hugzz lob me in siarts?
#iwannabeinaya #winwithatsui @atsui.drk

y am I awake (edit inspired by @kystterr <3) first time looping in ae #iwannabeinaya

*~I can survive~*

(Remake of old edit)
Highly requested remake

Everybody Dies In Their Nightmare

Okay so originally i was remaking @themysticsaiyan edit but then i kinda changed it a little
but it's heavily IB and AC @themysticsaiyan

|Sorry for being inactive here's a 30 min scrap

Dt ~ @kenai.fx much love bro ❤❤ and @tyy.mute ❤❤
#velocityrec1 #iwannabeinaya

sink or swim


~ new things ~
Anime: Tokyo Ghoul
Song: Alina Baraz ft. Khalid - Electric (Electric Mantis Remix)
Program: SVP

Not completely finished •

• choppy af but I'll finish it later

• • finishing it later •

#saberrec @sapphirevfx

Hi guys 🌝
P2: @deathsking 🌝😂
This will be my last edit for this month and the next month as well due to exams 💀 -
Tell me the mistakes and the good things 🌝💔 ( worked too hard btw 😂 )
#aspectrc #STORMREVIVAL #rizzrec2 #iwannabeinaya #Hikarirc @/kanpai.cc @/rsg_goku #rsgrevival#zZzRc1 #vicerecruit2 #VICECITYGANG👽Last

[FLASH WARNING ⚠️] repost bc thy watermark was nonexistent (i'm so sorry for the spam)

Scrap but I worked all day on this :) (took ab 4 hours like 💀)
@pervysan @plastic.amv
dt: @borutopath

Take this preview for know am inactive in both yt and Instagram sorry :( am gonna fix some stuff so dw

Uhhh all ae will render
Ib/ac: @motion.cc
Dt: @cc.tello

first time trying this out i think its pretty good 😊
dt/ @koojinn @law.atari @arc.hang @hangvfx .
#amv #ae #edit #tokyoghoul

神 ~ BØØM~❤ New videos every weekend (hopefully)


Adobe After effects
Anime: MIX
DT: @law.hugzz @kazai.bqka @aya.floo #ne❌us #iwannabeinaya #hikarirc #dragonflameamv

Monster Mep Part ✨

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