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Don't forget to take some time out of your day to vote. Get 10% off entire purchase with "I Voted Today" stickers. Make America skate again. #modernskate #ivotedtoday #shoplocal

When you curl your hair and the curls fall within 5 mins. #ohwell #ivotedtoday #iwokeuplikethis


#Repost @mikabrzezinski ・・・
Just voted ... don't forget. #chills #ivoted #ivotedtoday

From earlier this AM, my wife @carlashanti & I after exercising our right to #Vote . Hope everyone has done the same or is headed there now. #votetoday #ivotedtoday #ivoted2016

Someone tell me how basic this is #ivotedtoday

Today is a big day for me. I voted. Now, you may be thinking for the average American, whats the big deal? aren't we all voting? My former self would have said otherwise. Because if I'm honest, in regards to politics, I have struggled with apathy. I have succumb to the belief that my vote is just one and it doesn't matter. I have given up on our country due to discouragement. But after reading Proverbs 24:10-12, I am realizing that it is in the difficult day that we must be strong. Therefore, I have chosen to no longer use the excuse of ignorance. God knows my heart and my thoughts and I will be held accountable for my silence. So whether I chose the right candidate or not, I was not held silent. I believe that when our country is struggling and our rights are on the line, that we as Christians need to stand up even stronger rather than fading into the background and allowing others to speak for us. If you are discouraged, vote anyway. Your voice matters. I would hate for us to look back at this time period and wonder where all the Christians went.
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Just left court and voted early for Sam Cunninghamformayor.

Image: Edna Gordon

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Alright Anchorage - I voted, you should too! Note the seriousness of my facial expression.
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I don't think voting does anything. They just choose who wins, But i vote just in case it does count expecially locally.

Today || 3 dagen gewerkt en morgen eindelijk ff dagje vrij, vanavond eveb gestemd en zometeen lekker op tijd naar bed! Morgen dagje relaxen & klussen in huis ✌🏻 #goodnight #ivotedtoday #stembureau #groenlinks ✔️

I voted for the first time ever today! Love my country 🇳🇱 ❤️ 🦁 edit and photo by @oliviatudor #nederlandseverkiezingen2017 #dutchelection2017 #ivotedtoday #ootd #democracy

... Let's find out if dutch politics will be shaken or stirred tonight #ivotedtoday

We don't get stickers over here,So i'm using this old Seth selfie. .#ivotedtoday #righttovote

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