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Today in Central Park there was a HUGE #ivorycrush destroying nearly 2 tons of illegal ivory adding up to around 8 million dollars worth of ivory. Educate yourselves on the Ivory trade and animal trafficking so we can stop the demand for ivory. Thank you @humanesociety @africanwildlifefoundation @action4ifaw @natgeo @tiffanyandco @lavegan 🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘

Such an incredible day, getting to work with @action4ifaw & @mickfleetwoodofficial at the #CentralPark #IvoryCrush. While somber knowing the two tons of ivory we crushed represented 100 dead elephants 🐘, it also ensures that ivory never gets reintroduced back into the market, where it would only fuel more demand, and, in turn, more elephants being killed. ❀️🐘

Saving the #elephants elephant 🐘🐘 #ivorycrush
Β @theWCS
Β @96Elephants

Today in Central Park in New York City, 2 tons of ivory were destroyed. This ivory was taken from an estimated 100 elephants killed illicitly. With a black market street value of $10 million, trafficking in ivory is big business for terrorist cartels and funds violence and corruption worldwilde. Sadly, the largest markets for ivory are the U.S. and China, and each day 96 elephants are slaughtered and maimed so their tusks can be become trinkets like the ones pictured. All this ivory was confiscated in New York over the last two years.
Today was an important message that the illegal trade in ivory will not be tolerated here in the U.S., thanks to the leadership of the state of New York, the Wildlife Conservation Society, The Association of Zoos and Aquariums and 96 Elephants.
Zoo Knoxville Board member Chelly Clayton, a true advocate for animals both locally and globally, was invited to attend the event by the Wildlife Conservation Society. Zoo CEO and President Lisa New accompanied her and participated with other AZA representatives in placing ivory in the crusher. We're proud that Chelly and Lisa were there on behalf of Zoo Knoxville to be a voice for elephants worldwide. To find out how you can help save elephants, visit 96elephants.org. #ivorycrush

What an incredible moment watching @iamkristindavis put a piece of ivory to be destroyed! We are so honored to have attended #IvoryCrush and stand up for elephants! 🐘 #savetheelephants #worthmorealive #stopwildlifetrafficking

About last night... Diwali dress up... vintagevibe #ivorycrush #bindilove #beatengold @sanamratansi @rimple_harpreet_narula πŸ™πŸ»β€οΈ

By crushing over one ton of ivory today in Central Park, we made it clear: the illegal ivory trade must be stopped. @thewcs #elephants #ivorycrush #centralpark #nycivorycrush

The #ivorycrush was held in Central Park yesterday for the first day of β€œ10 Days for Elephants.” By crushing around $8 million worth of elephant ivory, New Yorkers sent a message to poachers, that no one needs ivory except elephants. The β€œ10 Days for Elephants” campaign from @thewcs and @96elephants is bringing awareness to the troubles elephants face and helping educate everyone on what they can do to help. Visit www.wcs.org/96-elephants to sign up for 10 easy and impactful actions you can do during the 10 days leading up to World Elephant Day on August 12. (video: @thewcs) #elephants #ivory #ivorytrade


Gorgeous African Elephant β™‘

Happy #Friyay! Here's a cute baby elephant πŸ’™πŸ˜

#AEfactoftheday: Did you know that, #Baby #Elephants are highly emotional, baby #AFRICAN #elephants who watch their families being slaughtered and #POACHED will wake up screaming in the middle of the night from nightmares.☹

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