Bali, aku mencintaimu 💘 #ivhqbali

It has officially been a week since and I arrive in Indonesia and I’m already so in love with this place! The people, the culture and the scenery; it’s all so magical! I’m so happy I get to spend the next month volunteering and exploring this incredible place with these people❤️ #Bali #indonesia #ubud #volunteer #ivhqbali #greenlionbali #explore #travel #temple

I feel so lucky to have such amazingly kind coordinators on this project. Ketut scaled a palm tree in his backyard and cut down fresh young coconuts for us to enjoy when we came to visit him with gifts for his new baby! Very thankful for my Nusa Penida family. ❤

#ivhqbali #nusapenida #locals #thankful

Traveling for 4-months has just been filled with amazing surprises from making new friends in each destination and reuniting with the special ones along the way. Thank you very much for the amazing memories and moments we had together, one of the few things that I will never forget ❤️⠀

📸: @vvaallddeess - 2-time IVHQer in Bali & Cambodia⠀⠀
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when you haven’t read the news or had to blow dry your hair for three weeks.

Said goodbye to another beautiful sea turtle today. Now they are free to catch their own crabs! 💚 🐢

#ivhqbali #turtleconservation #savetheturtles #nusapenida

I don’t wanna ruin this photo with a funny caption LOL #ivhqbali

making flower offerings for the gods. ✨

We've got a batch of turtle eggs that are scheduled to hatch any day now! So, to speed up the process we created this dance. 🐢🤞🏾 #ivhqbali #turtleconservation #nusapenida #iloveyouall #peepthetotororeference

My name is Natalia Valdes from Mexico. I volunteered because I like to give my time to make a positive impact on communities in need. I went to Cambodia to teach English, and Bali to work on the Construction project. In both destinations, there has been ups and downs, but the ups surpass the downs by far! I have learned so much from both cultures and people, making me realize that the beauty and meaning of things are not seen by the simple sight but by the essence of such.⠀

📸: @vvaallddeess - 2-time IVHQer in Bali & Cambodia⠀

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those magical travel moments.

the neighborhood. ✨

sweet chili tempeh, vegetables with homemade peanut sauce, and fried bananas with chocolate and graded cheese. 🤤

I have found my people. Turtle hatch dance, stay tuned to see if it works. @tashaknowles @eva.effi @briannaoftarth @ayeshhapatel @ivhq #ivhqbali #ivhqvolunteer #ivhq

Scrubbing the turtles to prevent algae build up, parasites, and infection between their scutes. In the wild they rely on cleaning symbiosis but here at Greenlion if we had fish in the tanks they’d just get eaten. So a toothbrush will do for now until it’s released 🐢😎

If only the younger me could see me now 😊 helping rescue and release endangered sea turtles, while at a dream destination 🤘🏽😎

The hawksbill sea turtle is a critically endangered species. It was red listed by the IUCN in 2007. That following year Indonesian custom officials found 296 dead hawksbills aboard a single fishing vessel, for the sole purpose of selling their shells. Nearly 10 years later and their population status has only declined. They are considered a priority species and help coral reefs and tropical fish thrive by feeding primarily on sponges. It’s estimated we have less than 15,000 nesting females globally. I feel so fortunate to be able to work with one up close and be here for her release back to the ocean 🐢

Starting my project this week! Helping to rehab, feed, clean and release green sea turtles and a beautiful hawksbill sea turtle. It feels so good to be back on the path towards marine biology and working with these animals again 🤙🏽

I honestly can't get over how beautiful this island is. 🏝🌊💙 #ivhqbali #angelsbillabong #nusapenida #daytrips

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