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I have so many feeling when I think about the fact that I had a baby prematurely. Today is #worldprematurityday and at the top of the list of feelings is gratitude! I am so grateful that Emmy made it through and is doing so well now. I never let myself think of what went wrong or could go wrong at the time. I felt it was important to stay positive for myself, my husband and Emerson. We will never truly know why she needed out 6 weeks early but I am thankful for modern medicine and that she was taken out in time. This was yet another experience that gave me a lot of perspective and allows me to understand fully the gift of her life. #preemiestrong #theluckyfew #uplifeofemmyjoy #downsyndrome #lovecarters

Ok, enough with the waiting now....! Baby Stevens we are ready for you! 💙 #40weeks #overdue

I️ know, I️ know another car seat photo 😫 but I️ just want to document the day that I️ caught poo in my hand for about 3 minutes straight. I’m beginning to wonder if I’m eating something that’s making him have loose stools. He isn’t fussy, but he has a rash we can’t get rid of because the poo diapers are constant ☹️ And he’s gassy. We have a pedi appointment Monday so I’m going to ask her. #bringinghomebabyslott #ivf #ivfsuccess

Kinda looks like Netflix & chill went a bit too far 🤣... hard to believe 🙌🏻
#24weeks2days #goingfast #morleytwins #2018babies #ivfsuccess #ivfjourney #thankfulness

Today is world prematurity day, so I wanted to share a couple photos of my preemies. The one of Wyatt, really puts their size into perspective. I wasn't expecting a stay in the NICU, which was likely naive of me. When I went into labor at 33 weeks 5 days, I was scared for my babies and protective of my perceived 'failure' so I didn't share many photos of that time. I know now how lucky I was for the care the triplets received and that I wasn't a failure. The babies all weighed 4.3 to 4.5 pound. They were all breathing room air from delivery and they stayed in the NICU just over 3 weeks. They have no hearing or vision issues..... We are blessed beyond measure. #bennetttriplets #givethemtomorrow #worldprematurityday
Baby A - Wyatt - 4 lbs 3 oz - 18"
Baby B - Beau - 4 lbs 3.7 ounces - 17"
Baby C - Savannah - 4 lbs 8 ounces 17 3/4"

Warm visit from our special guests so happy seing them growing steady and healthy..❤️

Inilah cerita kelahiran M2M...
5/10/17, jadwal kontrol terakhir kami bersama dok icksan (dok icksan akan aku bahas di postingan berbeda). Sbnrnya sblm kontrol terakhir ini aku uda mulai merasa ga nyaman krn uda mulai berat & engap (alhamdulillah klo tidur ga mslh 😅). Stlh dicek, dok icksan blg waktunya tetapin tgl lahiran, kami mau di tgl 12/11 tp dok icksan ga yakin klo aku kuat smp tgl tsb jd buat amannya dibuat lbh cepat akhrnya kami pilih tgl 10/10 dgn pertimbangan yangkungnya M2M sdh tiba di jkt.
10/10/17, aku uda puasa dr bbrp jam sblmnya sbg syarat operasi. Kami pun tiba di RS Bunda Aliyah jam 4 pg krn kami dijadwalkan operasi SC jam 10 pg(kami disarankan SC krn posisi M2M ga memungkinkan u/ normal). @dinuro lag urus admin RS & aku dibawa ke ruang persiapan operasi (ga tau deh namanya apa nih 😅). Aku dicek keseluruhan u/ persiapan operasi & 1 jam kemudian 1 per 1 tim sirkus (kel besar kami 😜) dtg ke RS & tentu mbak @putciput dr @bukaan.moment yg standby captured moment kelahiran M2M.
Sekitar jam 8an, aku dibawa ke ruang operasi tp krn hri tsb jadwal SC padat merayap jd aku hrs antri. Banyak nih yg nanya rasanya gmn sih klo SC?awal2 aku degdegan ntah krn uda pnh dgr sharing dr tmn2 klo suntik spinal sakit ato degdegan menyambut doa-doa kami. Nah pas nunggu ini, waktu ayah mandanya M2M heart to heart. Disini ayahnya blg “cuma hamil, lahiran & nyusuin yg ga bs aku lakuin. Manda bs lakuin semuanya, manda hebat” lsg rembes mewek mamak 😥 pdhl klo ga ada ayahnya aku bagai butiran peyek kacang
Saatnya aku yg didorong ke ruang operasi, jujur rasanya mencekam buat aku krn pakadi ga bs masuk ruang operasi 😢. Tp aku coba tenang aplg pas suntik spinal, alhamdulillah tnyt ga sakit spt yg aku bayangin. Ga lama dok icksan & tim tiba di ruang operasi, yg ditanyakan pertama “suaminya mana?” Ya aku jawab ada diluar krn td mnt ijin masuk ga dibolehin. Akhrnya dok icksan blg ke tim nya u/ panggil pakadi 🤗 yeyyyyy!!!!
To be continued
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3rd & final Beta! 21,160! No words 😶. Ultrasound is scheduled for 12/1 and I cannot wait to find out how many little ones snuggled in! My heart is overwhelmed and over joyed with love! #ivfsuccess #maybetwins #ivfround1 #ivf #ivfjourney #ivfjourney2017 #ivfblogger #ivfcommunity #ivfstrong #ivfsisters #ivfsisterhood #ivfwarrior #ivfwarriors #ivfwithicsi #journeytobabyV #babyvjourney #infertilityjourney #infertilityawareness


Pasca Aqiqah dan Gunting Rambut si kembar, babeh sama emak nye pengen eksis...😁 #babytwins #kakakadek #athayaaynaya #ivfsuccess #ivftwins #ivf_morulajakarta

Exploding with next level cheekiness.

Rose petal baths for a teething Miss H 🌹

My loves. I'm so lucky 💗 #blessed #whanau #kiwifamily #kiwikid #summer #newzealand #ivfsuccess #blueeyebaby #huxbaby |7&ahalfmonths|

I see the long looks and whispering. I really don’t mind. People mean well. But today, one elderly gentleman stopped me as we were leaving the fair and asked “Are all five of those yours?” as he pointed to the kids. When I affirmed his inclinations. He said “That is just great! God bless you and those babies! I just love seeing big families. My wife and I always wanted a big family.” I have to admit, I wasn’t expecting that! With a society that looks awkwardly at any family beyond 2.5 kids, it’s nice to be seen. And supported. Thank you, to the sweet elderly gentleman. I am now ready to embrace this extra busy week with all five under foot with a fist pumping, positive perspective! Bring on turkey week!!

Freya throws her hands up on the air, and River is just tripping balls. My girls are weird and perfect and I still can’t believe I made them.
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