Historia sióstr Lipskich i ich narodowej flagi 🇵🇱
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Can’t imagine my life without these ladies! ❤️ #blessed #ivegotallmysisterswithme #myladyloves

It takes #nationalsistersday to bring me out of my IG silence! Love these beautiful, thriving, smart women that I'm blessed to share DNA with. (And I still say @traceeellisross is our honorary 4th sister -check out her fab, triple sister tribute too!)❤️

✨DAY TWO✨ When you ignore the rubbish theme and just go for all of the glitter ✌🏼#wilderness #festival #gals #Ivegotallmysisterswithme

The stigma of being a domestic violence survivor or a child of domestic violence is a heavy cloak. People don’t realize the impact this has on one’s life, their relationships and their view of the world unless said persons have experienced it themselves. Every day it’s never far from your mind and pushing through it is like the sun attempting to dart through the clouds on grey days praying it comes through. Those affected tell their stories to give hope to others silently going through their pain. What is projected on the outside is not the self deprecation going on in the inside but through prayer and determination the authentic self perseveres. If you never understood someone who experienced such turmoil, it’s okay to forgive yourself. There are so many others who need your support and understanding. #jointherebelution #rerightyourstory #rightyourstory #putanendtodomesticviolence #nomore #supportsurvivors #stopthesilence #norulesjustguidelinesallheart #empoweringwomen #seizetheday #ivegotallmysisterswithme #domesticviolence #mindfulness #movewithpurpose #rebellewithacause

My brother & his family have been at our family farm this week - which has reminded me of our epic family vacation there last month. Read all about our week & my best tips for hosting a family reunion vacation - link in bio!

När 5 Josefssons ska organisera upp en bild 😍❤️ #wearefamily #Ivegotallmysisterswithme
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