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It's #PCOSAwarenessMonth, and 1 in 10 people who have uteruses also have this under-diagnosed disorder. With Title X on the chopping block, it will be even more difficult to receive proper treatment. #DailyTakedown

A recent study looked at Microfluid Sorting and whether or not it improved the selection of sperm with lower DNA fragmentation.

The comparative test was against the traditionally used Density Gradient Centrifugation and swim up preparation.

Although not used in a clinical setting, the Microfluid Sorting samples showed a significant decrease in DNA fragmentation when compared to the traditional sperm preparation method.

This could prove promising for future clinical use, as DNA fragmentation has been linked with recurrent miscarriages and poor pregnancy outcomes.

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5) my symptoms - 👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻 you can see a majority of them above. I don’t have ALL of these symptoms, but it’s super accurate. Obviously my biggest issue right now is the lack of ovulating. My toughest symptom to control is bloating, that got really bad around 2015 🤷🏻‍♀️ 6) my fave PCOS snack - FRUIT AND CHEESE! I’m eating a bowl of grapes as we speak. I do not like peanut butter so I’m missing out on a lot of health snacks so I just stick to the regular ol staples, nothing fancy.
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Wanted to wait until anything was really real before sharing. After returning from Greece, blood work confirmed we were pregnant from IUI #2! 🎉 My second test on Friday, however, showed a small dip in my hCG. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
After distracting ourselves with a close friend’s wedding this weekend and trying not to worry🤞🏻we officially found out yesterday that the pregnancy had ended. Second chemical pregnancy in the books. 😔
Feeling all kinds of emotions. Sad, pissed off, confused. Nothing a little @magnoliabakery banana pudding can’t fix, right? At least that’s what I’m telling myself. 🤷🏼‍♀️
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{Testimony Tuesday} Thank you @Bmorrin24 for sharing your testimony.
My husband and I decided we were ready to begin trying to grow our family after his first deployment. I religiously began taking my prenatal vitamins, eating well, not drinking any alcohol, tracking my cycles, taking my temperature and praying.
After moving across the country, I felt God’s calling to focus on healing my body, rejuvenating my spirit and draw closer to Him. I joined a Bible Studyand went to a homeopathic doctor. I knew this wouldn’t “get me pregnant” but I was curious how healthy I was. I found out I had Candida and Leaky gut and we decided to move forward with a homeopathic regimen to heal my body and balance my hormones.
About 2 months into this new lifestyle, I came across In Due Time devotional! After reading Caroline’s blog, she was a breath of fresh air, speaking God’s truths to places in my heart I didn’t even know needed healing. I began getting very active in Moms in the Making, meeting new friends walking along the same journey who just “got it” and were so loving.
By summer 2017 I was on fire for Jesus, believing only He had the power to heal me! Not to be obsessed with what went into my body but be mindful of it. I had more support and prayer warriors in my life than I ever knew possible. Fast forward to Oct. 2017, I got to be a part of the MITM conference. There were blessings upon blessings when I arrived. You could feel the Holy Spirit in every detail and facet of this conference. It was so emotional and raw. I felt broken down in the best way allowing the Lord to lead me and not my own foolish ways. It was the BEST decision going to support such an empowering ministry and being a part of God’s work through this fellowship of believers.
A couple weeks after being broken down, poured into and prayed over by the sweetest women, my HOPE was renewed...and then I received my first BFP!! I was able to surprise my husband when he arrived home from a 5 day hunting trip. It was the most touching moment to share together. We were expectant, hopeful and we were blessed greatly! Our miracle, Maelynn, was born August 1st! She is such a blessing already! Praise God!

Menjadi seorang ibu adalah dambaan semua wanita. Namun, untuk menjadi seorang ibu yang baik dan sempurna belum tentu dirasakan oleh semua wanita. Bila belum lahirnya si buah hati dari rahimnya sendiri.
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Ya Allah, Ya Tuhan kami.. Anugerahi rumah tangga kami dengan senyuman seorang anak yang bisa mebahagiakan hati dan menjadi penyejuk mata bagi kami menjadi penerus keturunan kami
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This is so true. The version of myself that’s currently being demanded is maybe the best yet ✨ it’s definitely the strongest, the most willing and one that refuses to give up 🌻 #fertilitywarriors #ivfgotthis #humility

Ive been silent about our infertility journey as of late because I think I needed that silence to hear my own voice. -
My voice had been muted and overshadowed by subconscious fears & lies of the enemy, deceit & sometimes misguided advice.
Wisdom was hard to decipher and a cloud of uncertainties loomed in every conversation & opinion. It’s hard to drown out the negativity when you don’t know your identity and you feel like you have to re innovate yourself to match your current season because nothing left of “who you were” is salvageable. -
It’s there where I filled my ears with numbing entertainment and mindless scrolling & physical and metaphorical DVR’s of other’s reality to escape my own. -
Numb, I felt nothing. 
Alive, barely living.
So now, infertility is taking new names & my identity is being found in new freedoms I had yet to experience, authentic decisions, even throwing the frilly self care imitators in the garbage, and rediscovering who I am outside of the loneliness. It’s been a necessary journey & im in the midst of rewriting my story & the headline won’t be “infertility” or “miscarriage” or any verb or noun that gives satan credit for a piece of my life stolen, I’m taking back what’s mine & im building a wall of fire (just like God did for Jerusalem in Zachariah ) and God’s presence will dwell in those walls & his glory will be evident. -
I’ll be known by a new name & I can’t wait to see/hear/feel that manifest in our lives!

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Infertility is hard! But the ttc community is AMAZING!!! 🌈🍍✨ For the next 24 hours, drop an emoji below, follow each person on the list, drop an emoji on their post, and we’ll follow you back!


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Started bleeding today. I guess this is considered a period. Idk. But the cramps are worse than my 10 week loss. Absolutely killerrrrrr. I didn’t take any pain medication during my 10 week miscarriage, but I needed to with this chemical pregnancy 😳 we’ll be doing IUI #5 this round. Pleeeeease keep your fingers crossed for a sticky baby ♥️🌈 #miscarriage #infertility #miscarriageawareness #chemicalpregnancy #iui

This baby loves to vroom vroom.

A peek at the contest, and just how high (and personal) the stakes are for the contestants who gamble on #IVF to have a baby. You can see all of #VegasBabyFilm on October 2nd on America ReFramed on PBS' World Channel. #AMERICAREFRAMED

Music is my healing balm.

Holding on to this one through some stormy seas.

Give it a listen: Lauren Daigle, “Rescue”

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