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I've never heard you cry, I've never see your smile, I've never touch your warm body, I've never ever watch you growth 😢😢 my baby born in silent, no cry, no sound, and nobody can feel what i feel that day..every woman feels pain in their belly when giving birth but i feels pain in my heart.. Miss you too much my son.. 😫😫😫 #iufd #stillbirth #stillbornstillloved #ripdenzell

23 weeks pregnancy age with Intra Uterine Fetal Death ... #iufd #fetaldeath 😂

بارداری دوقلو ک یک قل در هفته27فوت شده و قل دیگر سالم و ترم ب دنیا آمد
قل مرده همراه با کیسه های جنینی و جفت خارج شد

The very next morning, just 3 hours after hearing that we have an IUFD case, I got the jolt in my belly.
Yes, the "true" labor contraction.
A 27-hour long labor feels like a thousand years. I was so close to giving up, but you wouldn't let me. And I'm thankful for that.

I'm beyond grateful that I have a super-amazing husband like you, @ivanpradipta_ ❤️ I believe that we are one of those amazing parents; the ones that keep their heads up, their lips smiling, and not giving up for a better life.
Love ya, Papi Davin ❤️❤️❤️ 📷 VK Hermina Hospital Jogja
🗓️ 11 Mei 2017


إن الكرام إذا ما أسهلوا ذكروا ... من كان يألفهم في المنزل الخشن

نبارك للاخوة الأعزاء التخرج من كلية طب الضروس، ونعلن برحيلهم حل لجنة أولياء الطاغوت بالتزامن مع حلول شهر رمضان المبارك، كل عام وانتم بخير
ونعزيكم بوفاة بريجينسكي

#IUFD #Bishop_score

Four year later. Countless meltdowns. But I still want to be a fashion designer! #IUFD #IUFashionShow #HireMe!

Sheila salsabila yasmin

Meninggal dunia di 34 minggu (dalam kandungan) lahir bareng kakak kembar nya di 37 minggu.. #twintotwintransfusionsyndrome #twins #babygirl #iufd #heaven

Di ijinkan hadir tanpa melihat dunia dan Kembali dalam dekapan sang pencipta.
Terlalu ajaib perbuatan tangan_Mu bapa
Engkau menenunnya begitu sempurna dalam diam dan membisu.

I keep finding sequins in my bed #iufashionshow #designerprobs #iufd #allthesparkle


Breaking the Silence:
Today is October 15th, National Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness Day. I normally wouldn't post something like this, but a very dear friend asked that I speak out to help others go through their loss.
Words are still difficult. Tears still flow easily. Sometimes you have to force yourself to get up out of bed, take a shower and participate in life again ... I've learned a lot in these past couple years (especially the last 6 months). I've learned that things don't always turn out the way you've planned, or the way you think that they should. I've learned that there are things that go wrong that don't always get fixed or get put back together the way that they were before. I've learned that some broken things stay broken and I've learned that you can get through bad times and keep looking for better ones, as long as you have people who love you.
Losing a baby can be one of the hardest things we ever have to survive. We can heal, but we never forget. Our babies are gone, but are never out of our thoughts or out of our hearts.

Di ijinkan hadir tanpa melihat dunia dan Kembali dalam dekapan sang pencipta.
Terlalu ajaib perbuatan tangan_Mu bapa
Engkau menenunnya begitu sempurna dalam diam dan membisu.

Arsyahla, i may not be able to hold you in my arms, but i will always hold you in my heart ❤❤❤
Terima kasih utk semua ibu yg selama ini jd teman sharing tentang #iufd. Semoga Tuhan mempertemukan kita dengan anak2 kita di surga nanti. Semoga Tuhan memberikan kembali kepercayaan kepada kita untuk menjaga titipannya.. Amin..
Keep strong ibu-ibu terhebat @ummuubay_ @reginarw97
@vanichristine @fheraolshop_fera @riskaputrianggraini @nuuuiii 😘😘😘
#Repost @still_aware (@get_repost)
"It's not just a statistic, it's me"

October is International Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month. Help us remember and support the 1 in 4 Mothers who have experienced pregnancy and infant loss, and the 1 family every 4 hours who has birthed a baby in devastating silence. #1in4 #PregnancyAndInfantLossAwarenessMonth #iufd #arsyahla

She brings light and colors but by no means replaces The Angel Baby (Zidan Aryodento) .
#baper #rainbowbaby #iufd #angelbaby #bayilucu

One year down, forever to go. In the past year we have experienced things most couples never experience. Moving twice and the death of our unborn 21 week daughter. While it has had some wonderful memories there are also some very sad ones. This anniversary, we chose to make more happy ones.
1. Roses during a Costco date. Friday night Costco dates have become a fun outing for us. We grab a few things, along with a hot dog, and sit and talk about the week and what we want to accomplish that weekend.
2. Saturday morning hike at Rancho San Antonio. Much needed outdoor time. I was scared of bugs but wanted to touch a lizard and José questioned my logic. The hike ended with me saying, "Nature!!! It's all over me get it off!" And José saying we will be back in two weeks. 😒
3.And 4.My view most times when we are heading somewhere. The beard takes priority over my hair most times. I don't mind, I love that beard. We went and made a candle for Paloma and then dinner. 5. Sunday was mass and being told not to be jealous or envious but be good stewards of what we are given. And get to confession, trust Mary. Then the surprise- couples massage. Two hours of complete relaxation. Sore muscles went away and I loved seeing hubby so relaxed. Sushi for dinner. Had him be adventurous and try actual sushi and not a CA roll. He was a good sport but said, "I prefer my fish cooked." #oneyear #merrittgotmarried #forevertogo #beating50percent @beating50 #infantloss #oneinfour #iufd #21weeks 🥂🕊💆🏼💆🏽‍♂️🍣🌹⛪️💏💍

Today would have marked one month to go. Miss you baby girl. #infantloss #iufd #oneinfour #21weeks

Idag är en sån där lite tyngre dag, en dag då alla känslor ligger på utsidan, en dag då gråten är extra nära... idag är det 1,5 år sedan vi fick beskedet att vår älskade Joels hjärta slutat slå och idag är det 1,5 år sedan jag födde honom stilla - livet fortsätter, saknaden försvinner aldrig men sakta men säkert lär vi oss leva med den... vår älskade lilla Joel - vi älskar dig så! 👼🏻💔 TACK älskade du för att du valde ut världens finaste lillasyster till oss. 💞🌸#änglamamma #änglabarn #änglason #intrauterinfosterdöd #iufd

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