10 years ago on 18th september, a girl with dreams debuted. Today she is well known all over the world! 🐥 (This is her first debut stage on Mcountdown)
#iu10years #iu10thdebutanniversary #iu10thanniversary

IU and her team !🐥 it's been a decade! Thank you to IU's team for making every concert spectacular!! :)🙆‍♀️💗
#iu10years #iu10thdebutanniversary #iu10thanniversary #iuisuccess #iuijourney

IU will be having a comeback this early October but dates are not confirmed yet

Still can't believe it's been a decade
#iu10years #iu10thdebutanniversary #iu10thanniversary

I missed so many things when I was at school :( #iu10years #iu10thdebutanniversary

There's school today TT :(
Can't catch up with all the news or latest post
#iu10years #iu10thdebutanniversary

Still can't believe IU is coming !
Location: Star theatre
Date : 15 December 2018

#iu10years #iu10thdebutanniversary #iu10thanniversary

My mood right now
Good nite
Y'all can use my profile pictures on my story ,, haha :)

Gonna sleep soon but I'm scared IU will drop something else
Sigh :(

To our brightest star , happy 10th debut anniversary !! ❤

Heyy Uaenas of Singapore ^^ come help out :)
[FANSUPPORT] Singapore ❤️ IU Fansupport for IU Concert in Singapore 2018

Remember to fill in this google form to upload your screencap as proof of transfer! https://t.co/lJF2CFXa1A (Link in my bio)

Deadline: 28th Oct 2018, 23:59 https://t.co/yD43v1GRYN

IU eating :))

It's been 10 years !?! What even :D

They finally meet !! :))

Tomorrow is IU's 10th debut anniversary!! So egg-cited!
Cr of photo in picture !!


IU ASMR video
It's 1 hr long
Cr to 4seasonswithIU (Twitter)

Clear pictures of part 2 INVITAT10N

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