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You are fully in charge of your life. No matter the circumstances, the odds, your genetics, and your current situation, the outcome is FULLY dependent on YOU!

No one is going to do the work for you, but if you put in the work CONSISTENTLY with a clear goal in mind then you can have anything.

Take advantage of the things you can control like effort, planning, educating yourself on things, and your mindset. Let GO of everything else that you can’t control.

We are all given the ability to adapt to our situations, become aware of our thoughts and actions and change them when they don’t serve us.

Sitting on your ass and wishing you had it easier won’t get you anything. So take control of your life and go out and create something you can be proud of!
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💕In honor of my 30th birthday, I’ve made a list of 30 things I’ve learned this year: let me know if you identify with any of this? • •
1. I’ve never TRUSTED myself more than I do now
2. Red lipstick IS my super power
3. True happiness begins with GOD
4. You CAN eat healthy without counting calories
5. You DON’T need permission to be Great
6. Drinking alcohol doesn’t make you grown
7. It’s not success that shapes you, it’s the journey
8. Fresh flowers can brighten ANY room and mood
9. If you stay true to yourself you have no competition
10. You don’t need another motivational quote, you need coffee with Karley
11. When you truly serve your clients they will be forever loyal to your brand
12. If you want answers YOU have to ask them
13. Trust GOD in ALL AREAS of your life
14. Helping HER or HIM will NEVER dull your sparkle
15. Keep your money IN your pockets 1st
16. The second you decide you are worth more money, you will start making more money
17. OPEN your mail #Navient
18. You can’t be CUTE & BROKE
19. A crisp white colored shirt IS an essential in your wardrobe
20. Pink IS my favorite color
21. Spend time with the people you love no matter how busy you are
22. Community over competition wins every time
23. Never let how many followers you have define you, you are worth way more than that!
24. Do things YOU love
25. Think outside of the box and always search for solutions to problems
26. Believe that YOU CAN do all things through Christ who strengthens you
27. Never let your guard down in the office
28. Be intentional in EVERYTHING YOU say and DO
29. Prayer is a lifestyle
30. Don’t fall for what people SAY pay attention to what they DO


Thank you all for the beautiful birthday wishes! You made today incredibly special for me! 😘

#happybirthdaytome #happy #happybirthday #CWK #birthdaycake #cake#fentybeauty#LBTM#foreverinspiredacademy#MAC#lifestyle#lifestyleblogger#maccosmetics #girl#girlfrentor#Givenchy #neimanmarcus #itworksglobal #foreverme#LifeBeyondtheMeme #Itworks #ForeverKarley #30 #k #Blessed #NewSeason 💚

Du love une équipe que j’aime d’amour ❤️ #itworks #itworksglobal #livethismoment #bootcamp2018itworks #positivemindset #bossbabe

Thnx itworks for the pedicure was not expecting that 💚💚💚 Your the best 🙏. *Who doesn't like their 💅 did? What's holding you back 🧟‍♀️? Message me and let me know why you don't want the better things in life 🤔😋. ✌. #itworkscalgary #itworksyyc #itworkscanada #itworksglobal #pedis #pedicure #nails #blessed #thankyou

In a VERY beautiful place at this stage in my life. Mentally, Physically (working to improve this) and Spiritually and my goal is LIVE MY LIFE BEYOND THE MEME as often as possible during this new chapter with GOD at the very center. ☺️
I pray you all will continue to rock with me during this new season and invite your friends to join us as we continue to learn and grow. •
•You Ready? Set! Let’s Go!
Tag your friends! •
Thanking you all for ALL of the birthday love ON + OFFLINE! •

#happybirthdaytome #happy #happybirthday #CWK #fentybeauty#LBTM#foreverinspiredacademy#MAC#lifestyle#lifestyleblogger#maccosmetics #girl#girlfrentor#Givenchy #neimanmarcus #itworksglobal #foreverme#LifeBeyondtheMeme #Itworks #ForeverKarley #30 #k #Blessed #NewSeason 💚

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