I get extremely frustrated with travel photography on Instagram. A good majority of photos I see of places I've been are heavily doctored in photoshop or create the illusion you can recreate an experience that's void of any other tourist.

The fact of the matter is, most of the world's iconic places receive thousands or tens of thousands worth of foot traffic per day. Thankfully I am not a good enough photo editor to try to manipulate an image to fit my expectation of the experience.
What I capture is what I saw and felt, for better or worse.

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My love for mobility and the need to explore surely comes from my mother. She spent the majority of my life playing the balancing act between family and her work nationally and abroad.

For a number of years she would spend months in Greece teaching. From my exposure, she holds all her students in special regard. But often with teachers, favoritism is unavoidable. Two students from her very first class she favored above most. Even getting the opportunity to see the growth of their friendship, relationship and eventual marriage.

This year, after over a decade since that first class was in session, my mother excitedly informed me that, with her sponsorship, her two favorite students and their daughter will be moving to the United States.

A few days after mother's day and with the utmost pride, we celebrate that the American dream is not a historical theme, it's present.

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Dark places can produce the brightest people.

The arctic circle at the tail end of a long winter is cold, barren and far from vibrant. The lack of color is so quickly filled by the people who call places like Tromsø, Norway home.

The allure of watching the northern lights over fjords and tundra drew us there. But the people captivated us and sparked the fire to return. It comes at no surprise Norway tops a long list of countries I continually recommend people visit.

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Not many sports require 8 unwavering hours of attention, movement and non-stop exposure to weather conditions.

This isn't your farm pond, beer in a koozie, bobber and a smile fishing.

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I left college and hit the job market with two things in mind:

1. To find a place where I could work in the vein of my passions.
2. To break the mold of millenial stereotypes and push my personality to practice "staying power". I'm self aware enough to know that I am, to a fault, overly excitable and always looking for new experiences and opportunities. It has taken awhile to realize that didnt require mobility.

Last week I entered year 3 at @broco1974. The date was sandwiched between two weekends in which I was behind the lens as a videographer for iconic brands I truly care for, and with other shooters I idolize (@t.craye). I want to tell more stories. Capture more moments. And continue to put my self in a place to be humbled.

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Are there stats behind competitive people being more successful? If so, it may not apply to fishing.

Spent 7 hours on the water today trying to find some fish for a tournament tomorrow. Apparently living on the lake doesnt give you the family discount. It was frustrating. Sometimes I wonder whether I would enjoy fishing more if I didn't fish tournaments. If I just went out fishing for fun and simply to enjoy being out there.

But alas, you cant turn some switches inside you off. Like giving money to homeless people...I'd like to think that other folks use my tournament entry fees for good and not a crack rock. 📷: @drake_wallace #itwillneverfailyou #bassfishing #keystonelake #IdSellMySoulForaBagofBass

Got off the water at nearly 9 yesterday evening and was up at 3 this morning with boat in tow headed to work behind the lens for the @bass_nation elite series event on Grand Lake.

Chasing fish, chasing guys chasing fish, chasing content while chasing guys chasing fish. This is a happy cycle. 📷: @drake_wallace

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There may be no relationship unhealthier than the one I have with the fish that live in my slice of Oklahoma.

Dear Mr. Bass, love me back...please. 📷: @drake_wallace
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Underprepared and overconfident. Admittedly a not so uncommon state I find myself in. I'd be lying if I said I trained for this ultramarathon. In the past 3 months I ran roughly 70 miles...in total.

But like most accomplishments I've been lucky to have seen through, all it took was a blissfully ignorant, positive mindset and a team around me.

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Everyone's got their niche, a skill set they excel in and typically define themselves as. When we get older that often blends into our occupation. Calling ourselves an athlete, a doctor, salesman, lawyer, father, mother, etc.

What a drag to be asked to label yourself in one, sole skill category.

I love telling stories. I love compelling imagery and video. I am not the most talented photographer or videographer. Maybe if I didn't want to do so many things, in so many spaces, I could claim to be an expert at something. What I do know, is that I want to do as much work like this as I can while I'm breathing.

That being said, I am humbled that my video and imagery is forever cemented alongside a brand like Remington.

Today, you can head over to their Instagram story, or watch the final video on their Facebook or YouTube.

I am nowhere talented enough to have produced this start->finish. Huge shoutout to @t.craye for making an edit that met the demands of Remington, our team, and myself.

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study nature 📗love nature 💚 and stay close to nature🍃🌿🍀 #itwillneverfailyou #belgradormani #belgrad

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