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Sorry this is very simple but I wanted to edit something sad ;-;
Dt: @fandom__hoe don't be mad at me pls I sweAR I WAS FOLLOWING YOU
Monthly edit
Theme - fav yaoi/yuri ship

I was crying so hard at this scene😭
SAO was the first anime I've watched❤️😌 dt : roo squad bc ily guys sm💋
ac : @yatoriki

Anime :Sword Art Online

#itsROOsquad #asuna #yuuki #sao #swordartonline

Theme- Angst
Anime: Say I Love You
Song: Nelly Furtado- Say it Right
Tags: #sayiloveyou #sayiloveyouanime

A man (insert tm)
theme: aot characters

╰(*´︶`*)╯♡ #itsROOsquad
anime: attack on titan
{ #attackontitan #shingekinokyojin #jeankirschtein } fc | 1482

i love my best girl shes great
entry for #itsroosquad c:
ac: @animeroku
song: bat country - suicideyear
anime: #kproject #kprojectamv #amv #awashimaseri

My favorite antagonist 😤💛
Theme: antagonists
Anime: bungou stray dogs
Song: slumberjack - enigma ft. GRRL PAL
Program: videostar (iPhone)
#bungoustraydogs #bungoustraydogsseason2 #chuuyanakahara

The Green King 👑
Theme: antagonists/villains
[Anime: K Project]
[Song: Desiigner - Panda (Made Monster Remix)]
#kproject #hisuinagare #animeedit

just gonna casually post this squad edit two days late 😳
— song: show me - alina baraz & galimatias
— check hashtags in the comments for the anime/manga ↓


#itsroosquad ;; the fallen ones || this is late i'm so sorry kMS BUT THIS THEME MAKES ME SO SAD B Y E ((tagging in order down in the comments so don't ask me the anime))

sorry this is late - #itsROOsquad
theme- the fallen ones
ib @userlessvine

一 Theme: The Fallen Ones
ac: @akiraudios
[Anime: #servamp]
[Song: Capital Kings - Into Your Arms]

my wet pooh bear who deserved so much better
— i'm posting edits two days in a row? what a shocker ! but this is for #itsroosquad -
[ anime; charlotte ]
[ song; the neighbourhood - sweater weather (remix) ]
[ tags; #charlotte #charlotteedit #charlotteamv #kumagamitakehito #amv #anime #edit ]

au: After Daichi's head on clash he is immediately rushed to hospital only to pass away hours later... (ps: please don't comment anything stupid or tell me to stop, this doesn't happen in the show, I did it so it matched a theme...) •

- #itsroosquad : theme - the fallen ones •

anime: haikyuu

Song: ???

a ghost.
[ #itsROOsquad ] theme; the fallen ones

#itsROOsquad >:0 !!! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ac / ib ; @law.animi

Someone call that damn doctor already 👀💦
#itsroosquad - theme; fallen ones
dt: @komaeda_of_kai bc ik u love him 👼

#itsroosquad the fallen ones

—'i got to end my journey in the arms of someone i love'
theme: the fallen ones
ac @hxnata.drk (i added the voice)
dt @julichxn -
IMPORTANT(i guess)
So I've been thinking about this for a pretty long time but I got an answer now. I'll quit editing anime.. okok that doesn't mean that I will never ever edit anime again but I'm not motivated enough to edit anime. So what I actually wanted to say is that this acc will be inactive. Maybe I'll post something when I'm motivated enough to edit animu but it will be very seldom i guess (and i would probably post it on my other acc). Thank you all for the great time here. Thank you all for supporting my edits. I met so many new and nice people (i also met my waifu aka chino latino) who are my friends now and yee THX💗.
So some of you may know that I have a kpop acc (-> @kaiyeolx ). I'll be active there so if u still wanna see me and my edits go follow me on dis :). Maybe I'll post an anime edit there as well when I'm in the right mood,, who knows haha. I'll also quit roo squad. Thank you sm that I got the chance to be a part of it💖
Yaaa wowie I don't wanna be so dramatic but I think it already happened lmao. This is my last edit here.. maybe I'll post an aomine edit on his birthday (bc he's still my 2D man) or maybe I'll post it on @kaiyeolx .. again: who knows?¿...okai ya girl vivi is out🤙🏽<3
If you still have any questions.. feel free to ask me

ero sennin 🐸
—theme; the fallen ones #itsroosquad

when u just wanted to be praised by ur brother but instead u get killed by him 🤠🤙🏻.

#itsROOsquad | theme: the fallen ones

anime: #91days
character: #fratevanetti
song: imma star - jeremih
dt: @bakagou bc that's her man 🌚

just gonna casually post this squad edit two days late 😳
— song: show me - alina baraz & galimatias
— check hashtags in the comments for the anime/manga ↓

my gay sons [#tododeku]
—theme; fave yaoi/yuri ships

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