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Człowiek żołądź czy jednak żołądź. Nici z bycia superbohaterem człowiek udający żołędzia ma przejebane. #prezenty #gay #gaypoland #itsoktobegay

I might have friends from all around the world but it's the guys closest to home that mean the most ❤️ #4months #lovinglife #bogans #itsoktobegay #gaypride

I love my bestfriend. 😭 #GuysCanWearMakupToo #itsoktobegay #dontlikedontfollow 😘

currently working on these #beauties 🔥👌🏾💯orders will ship monday 📦✉️👍🏾#itsoktobegay

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM WKSHCBV ILYSM. TBH YOURE ONE OF MY FAVORITE PEOPLE ON THIS PLANET. I'm so glad to be able to call you one of my first and best internet friends, one day I'm gonna come to your country and we can eat pizza/scream about linctavia together because wHy not😂😂 THANK YOU FOR ALWAYS BEING THERE FOR ME💚it means the worldddd✨ YOURE MORE OF A BEAN THAN KIRA 🙊I love freaking out over gay ships with you and just being a complete fangirllll😂You really are like family to me and I like you more than most ppl irl bc ya know MY MOM SLAYS WKSJDHHC. You know how to cheer me up/make me laugh and I'm TRULY grateful to have youuuu. I also love it when you roast me hahahaha cAuse lets be honest you're a straight savage😎👋I'm sorry this is short I'm on the bus rnnn and my wifi is crashing BUT I LOVE YOU THE MURPHY TO MY BELLAMY AND ONCE AGAIN HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESTER CAT :)) 💚💚💚
#ScarlettEverywhere #MakeMeHappy #ITSOKTOBEGAY 🌈hehe

Miss world 👑 #itsoktobegay

Wojtas kiedy wpadasz @sebastian_kot1985 na trening personalny? :D @ground_game #itsoktobegay

20 years since Ellen 'came out' on her sitcom and in real life almost losing everything only to come back even stronger. I'm not gay but if I was it would be ok today because of people like Ellen and George Michael.... it's important to be free to be who you really are in life so Happy 20th gay birthday @theellenshow #itsoktobegay #ellendegeneres #everyoneisequal #gay🌈


Don't stop being who you are for anyone live your life love who you want & most importantly always let your true colors shine 🌈 ##myjeep ##itsoktobegay

Can't wait for the wedding! 😂😂🤔 #boyswillbeboys #worklife #itsoktobegay

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