In this society we are forced to roll on a hamster wheel of Mon-Fri to work hard, sleep, repeat and slowly deteriorate in the process. People forget that we are not robots, but with the stigma we are told to repress and keep it down. You are a beautiful human being and I am always there no matter the urgency, never suffer in silence and don't convince yourself that nobody cares. You'd be surprised of how many hidden sufferers are out there and nobody should ever look in the mirror to see their pain reflecting back. Never hide and never be ashamed because everything you do is magnificent and inspiring. It's okay not to be okay and when your at rock bottom...There is nowhere to go but up 😊 ❤ #mentalhealthawareness #putoutthestigma #itsoknottobeokay #yourNOTalone

Thanks @uni_worcrowing for the nomination!! #ITSOKAYNOTTOBEOKAY
The single biggest killer of men under 45 is suicide. In 2016, there were 5668 recorded in Great Britain. Of these, 75% were male. 41% of males who’ve contemplated suicide felt like they could not talk about their feelings. Only a small percentage of people know that suicide is the most likely cause of death for men under 45. Let’s show men anywhere and everywhere that it’s ok to talk! #itsoknottobeokay 👌👌we would like to nominate @uow_volleyball and @uow_tennisclub to do the same

❤️ | pequeno post-it para a vida toda |
o mundo não acaba por causa de algumas escolhas erradas, por causa de algumas pessoas erradas e por causa de tudo aquilo que não era para ser. levantamo-nos sempre.

demore o tempo que demorar, a vida acaba sempre por nos levar ao [ nosso ] lugar certo e às [ nossas ] pessoas-certas. recomeçamos sempre.

é só quando saimos da vida de algumas pessoas [ ou quando algumas pessoas saem da nossa vida ] que percebemos que conseguimos viver sem elas e que a nossa vida está muito melhor assim. agradecemos sempre.

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I'm not the one to judge, Cause I've hit rock bottom before and I know I ain't perfect so if any of my friends or family are going through a rough time I'm just a msg away #alwaysheretolisten #itsoknottobeokay

When I was struggling with my mindset around money, even when I was managing my money very well, it lead to major health problems in my life. When you aren't talking about how something makes you feel, when you aren't communicating your deepest feelings and you try to suppress them and just be a “strong woman” and stay busy, those feelings will come out in other areas of your life and your health.
My life before working on my mindset about money:
Digestive problems daily
Anxious all the time
Major issues with my relationship with food
Zero energy
Major brain fog
Waking up multiple times per night
When I finally decided that I couldn't take it any longer and started to open up and work on my mindset, that's when my health went from my plateau I was stuck at for so long and finally improved significantly. I needed to transition from viewing the future from the perspective of when I was a child and my parents were extremely stressed due to their money struggles and stop thinking that that's how my future was going to be someday.
Now I have an inner sense of peace, I sleep throughout the night, my energy is so much better, I don't feel at war with my own mind and body, my digestive system has improved tenfold which means I can finally live my life again without it holding me back, I don't have that negative relationship with food that I did for so long, my anxiety is almost non existent, my mind is clear and my memory is back.
By consciously addressing the money blocks that I was having, I was able to finally get my health back.
If you are struggling and want to break free from these same daily experiences, click the link in my bio and we can chat and see how I can improve not only your debt and money struggles, but your health too. 💙

Browsing through recommended books on my #Kindle app store and this popped up. First book I've read without interruptions in a long time.

#NotesOnANervousPlanet by #MattHaig 🌍

3 simple reminders to myself: 1) I'm not a robot 🤖 2) It's OK to switch off/mute your phone 📴 3) Sleep is important to your mental health 😴

#selfcare #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness
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Just saw this as I walked over the bridge. #mentalhealthawareness #riverribble #mentalhealth #itsoknottobeokay

Hat hiding my insecurities.
Today I feel ugly.
Today I feel the bulk extra hard.
Today I feel like I need to loose weight.
Today I feel like I am not enough.
Most days I feel freaking great.
Most days I know I don't have to look like the next girl to be considered "beautiful" or "hot"
Bc tbh I've never been "hot" bc I'm tiny. And that used to bug me bc I wanted to be hot. Anyways that's besides the point.
Today I don't feel great.
Tomorrow I hope to love me and my body for what it is.
Appreciate the days you feel like Beyonce bc those days are freaking amazing.
#itsoknottobeokay #fitness #bulklife #bodybuilding

Doing a little 3am comparison because I can't sleep and my head is doing that lovely thing I try not to talk about and telling me I shouldn't be alive. 🙄
The first picture was taken 9 months ago in the same week that I lost my nan and my relationship broke down. I mean, you can see how done I am with life in my face. I look so tired and think I was truly at the lowest point I've ever been.
I took the second picture today and the difference is huge. I'm happier, focused, settled and achieving great things. I'm proud of all the things I've achieved between these two photos and it's been a journey and I'm still struggling every day. I'm still not okay, but I'm managing and I'm still angry that I can't shake the heartbreak of nearly four years of promises and future-building that vanished virtually overnight while I was dealing with so much grief already. I'm trying to be positive and I'm working on myself FOR MYSELF, and for an eventual future where I'll actually have what I was supposed to have before everything suddenly was no longer okay.
I have to kick myself out of this AGAIN and pick myself up and carry on being my stupid giggly overly-sensitive self and I will! Everything will be fine 😊
I don't want sympathy, I want empowerment and encouragement and kick ass strong woman attitude 🙌🏻♀️.
For everyone else struggling out there with their mental health, YOU CAN DO IT! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
#strongwomen #itsoknottobeokay #bpdproblems #beyourownbestfriend

You Learn🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
You Trust in the Process🙏🏻
You grow🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹
You realize what’s important❤️🤗❤️🤗❤️🤗❤️🤗
You let go of the rest💫🌟💫

Dont be afraid to speak up, you are never alone there is always someone there to help you in a time of need.
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Spiders are so alluring. They have so many different symbolism and cool characteristics. Especially female spiders. You should read up on it. #spottedcowland #overnightgtaway #ineedabreak #timetoreorganizelife #itsalittlecloudyrightnow #itsoknottobeokay #acceptitandrollwiththepunches

"- Por que você toma tanto calmante? perguntou ele sorrindo. - Ah, disse ela com simplicidade, é assim: vamos dizer que uma pessoa estivesse gritando e então outra pessoa punha um travesseiro na boca da outra para não se ouvir o grito. Pois quando tomo calmante, eu não ouço meu grito, sei que estou gritando mas não ouço, é assim, disse ela ajeitando a saia." ❤️ #ansiedade #ansiedadegeneralizada #ansiosos #saudemental #psiquiatriaecompsiquiatra #transtornodeansiedade #anxiety #anxious #anxietyfree #anxietygirl #mentalhealth #posititivity #mentaldisorders #mentaldisordersarereal #anxietyhelp #anxietyfree #livingfree #freud #psicology #psyquiatry #psycoanalysis #stayalive #itsoknottobeokay #askhelp #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealthsuport #anxietyfighter #depressionsurvivor #depressionfighter #depressionisreal #depressionandanxietysuck

Early morning trail run in dysart woods, rain is a welcome distraction! #entertheelements #itsoknottobeokay

Just incase you've been wondering where I've been. I got into this mental head space of feeling like shit So I decided to take a good month or so away from social media and just focusing on my clients and me.
If your in a space where you feel like poop and you need a break here's your friendly reminder to take it. Nothing is more important than your well being. No amount of money you make should ever take first place over your well being.
Take time to sit with yourself and your thoughts, do some self care, go on a camping trip (we are!) and just nurture yourself and love yourself.
I'll be back soon with some big @shesocialsociety announcements and fun new free content!
For now please just share this message with a girlfriend you care about 🙌🏼😍😘
Photo credit to: @ Fruityjuuj via FB

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