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At 26 years old I joined my first online accountability group with a goal of losing a few pounds and defluffing before I went on a trip to Vegas!
I achieved that 100% in the group I was a part of.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Yet...I've been a "CHALLENGER", and have kept going, for 2.5+ years...why???
Because the older I get, the wiser I get, and realized that goals don't always lie in the numbers.
Today I may stand 5 pounds HEAVIER than I was 2.5 years ago.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
👉But I am stronger beyond words..inside and out
👉More confident than I have EVER been..and this shy girl needed some confidence
👉Proud to have paid it forward and helped 100s of women get started on their own journey
👉I am a positive influence to my children .
👉I am leading by example for all those around me
Some people ask what keeps me going..how I get a workout in everyday and eat healthy meals…and I have to say a BIG reason is my role as a COACH that keeps me forever on my own journey. You can't beat the power of accountability and knowing others are counting on YOU 💗
It may have been a little weight goal that got me started but it's been EVERYTHING I HAVE GAINED in these last 2.5 years that has kept me going and will continue to keep me going each and every day!
#itsnottoolate #startyourjourney

The good ole days with these two
This race was so fun
@therealjs7 first race back after broken wrist
@rickycarmichael ran outta talent in the ruts trying to set the pace 😜
Was hoping these two could of pulled it off to race #straightrhythm
#itsNOTtoolate #2stroke

We want to hear from the biggest screw-ups in Edmonton. Let us know what you did and why you’re sorry and you could win a trip to Mexico on Friday!

#FreeTripFridays #thepepperanddylanshow #yeg #sorry #itsnottoolate

Dis me looking for invites for Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday..... look at that vein in my neck, I’m lookin hard 👀😂 #ItsNotTooLate #InvitesAccepted (make up: @_merci.b.coo @polishedgems_ Hair: @bellissimo.capolavoro)

HAPPY DONUT DAY • don't get too excited #jonandvinnys #bombolone #donutday #itsnottoolate

Check out my client @joanpinto4 doing her #Dubai30x30 workout outdoors using tyres, ropes and her own bodyweight!
At least she’s sticking to her 2017 resolution of getting fit #itsnottoolate 💁🏻 •
Want to train with me? Send me a message. 💪🏽

Moon'em Monday. I hope you all got to participate #itsnottoolate

Wear your nipple color day #Vegas #XS #StopThisMarriage #ItsNotTooLate

On tonight..Vita's felt flowers..learn how to make them!Bookings above..6-9pm at the store #sydneycraftweek#jumpin#itsnottoolate#doitnow


Dis me looking for invites for Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday..... look at that vein in my neck, I’m lookin hard 👀😂 #ItsNotTooLate #InvitesAccepted (make up: @_merci.b.coo @polishedgems_ Hair: @bellissimo.capolavoro)

Mental and emotional abuse towards children doesn't always come in the form of a wicked witch, or ogre sometimes it's someone who's meant to care the most, sometimes it's a parent!

Your child is not a possession, a child should be allowed the love of 2 families. Some people love control, but you can't be in control forever one day sooner than you think they will question 'why are you saying these awful things about my mum/dad?' and when they realise its jealousy because theyve moved on then you risk losing them forever!

Having 2 happy loving homes is better than 1 miserable and angry home.

#truthbomb #dadshaverightstoo #itsnottoolate #coparent

This is my life these last several months as we travel the US discovering first-hand places we've only seen in books or on television. This sentence, "go places you haven't been," taken from my personal manifesto is a reminder that once we are physically home again, do not forget how good these months have been. And to go again. And again. ⠀

Photo by Anirban Chatterjee on Unsplash⠀

#feelingblessed #itsnottoolate #minimalismlife #americathebeautiful #goplaces #travellife #manifesto #goagain #lifeontheroad #desertbeauty #whitesands #madewithunsplash #goodadvice #anirbanchatterjee #lifeisaprettyword

After cooking and cleaning for everyone else it's time to #pamperyourself . Call or go to rinsehairstudio.com to make an appointment. #blackfriday

People always tell us how important it is to take care of our skin but it isn't until we reach out mid-tweenties that we really start to listen .We treat our skin as if its invincible.Truth is once u do that be sure to suffer the consequences. Make that conscious effort and start taking care of yourself.Protect the skin you are in ,its never to late to start.😎#skin#skincare #protectyourskin#itsnottoolate#glow#glowyskin#thankmelater


It's the best timing to begin something when you want.

#やりたいこと #mydream #myfavorites #itsnottoolate #startnewlife

Happy no excuses Monday! Lately I've been reading about people who found success later in life. Colonel Sanders was 65 before he found success, Ray Kroc was over 50, and Sam Walton was 44 when he opened the first Wal-mart. The point? It's not to late! There's many more examples, just use the old google machine. I'm convinced that we all have a path or purpose, some know what theirs is from a young age and some struggle for years to find it. I'm convinced that mine is to show the average Joe that being fit is not only possible, but will improve their lives beyond belief. I can't explain why this is my path, I just figure if just a few people see me post this stuff everyday without fail, maybe I'll help a few. And if I help motivate someone to get fit then I've succeeded. Simple right? Anyway, it's 445am, time to roll outta bed and move that ass! Keep moving! #itsnottoolate #noexcusesmonday

I Use to look forward to the holidays ...now I wish I could skip over them... it just won’t be the same without you.
Feels like a dream I can’t wake up from.... so unreal....miss you so much. RIH mommy loves you. .
#loveoneanother #lifeistooshort
#onedayyourhere #onedayyourgone
#eternallifewithjesus #itsnottoolate

Only 5 tickets left for tonight's extravaganza of live music... #itsnottoolate

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