W-witches 😈👧🏼😈 Снова у меня изменилось отношение к статусу учителя. Честно сказать, мне ужасно не хотелось к этому возвращаться. Все мечтала быть "кем-то важным", а образ учителя совсем не клеился в моей голове к важной крутой персоной 😩 Но я вдруг осознала, что вот эти мои рабочие часы, условия, обязанности это моя dream job 3 года назад. Я мечтала в 5 быть свободной, гулять по выходным и чтобы все свои креативные таланты можно было вытащить наружу да ещё и делать что-то очень важное 😅 #маленькиемечты #ачтоделатьдальшеянезнаю #witchesbitches #itsnotaboutus

Right now someone you haven’t met is out there wondering what it would be like to meet someone like you. May is foster care awareness month. We need more people to love on children from hard places. Pray and consider fostering. You’ll never be the same. #floridabaptistchildrenshome #onemorechild #fostercare #bethechange #bethechurch #defendthefatherless #love #childrenfromhardplaces #itsnotaboutus #james127

She's #gorgeous in #green. 💚💚💚 Me? I'm just along for the #ride.
Remember to make an effort to see the #good in #people and then #compliment them.
When we walk in the Spirit, it won't be difficult. And you just might #change a #life for the #better!
Have an abundantly #blessed week!
We love you!

#speaklife #Sunday #beablessing #blesssomeoneelse #itsnotaboutus
Proverbs 18:21
Death and life are in the power of the tongue

Sunday drum day... Ready to go in for the glory of the Lord. #Grateful #ibetthemdrums #Remainhumble #itsnotaboutus #butitsaboutJesus 🙏🏾

HAhahaha HAPPY Birthday Awesome MyLove *Paling susah bikin surprise ke anak ini .... Hedeh.... Tapi thanks Dulur2 CG ATL hahaha usaha kalian luar biasa gaes wkwk.
#simbeb #AllTimeLoveFamily #AkuTambahLophe #AkuTambahLongor
#themomok #thanksjesus #itsnotaboutus

Everyone wants to feel powerful to some degree. We are obsessed with super heroes with superhuman powers, royal weddings with the dream of marrying absolute power and wealth, the next promotion (so we can be the boss), or just in the way we treat our families.
Acts 1:9 promises us that we will receive supernatural power when the Holy Spirit comes upon us, but if we keep reading it’s power with a purpose.
The endowment of power is not for us. It’s for others! He gives us the power to heal the sick, bring freedom to those in bondage, not so that we can be famous, but to make His name great! He empowers us to be agents of His love for mankind.
To be truly powerful is to be capable of anything, but to choose words and actions motivated by the love of God for people (not our own selfish gain). If you want to be elevated serve people with the love of God and you will experience what it is to feel like royalty! #royalwedding #purposefullypowerful #superpowers #itsnotaboutus #onamission #ministrylife

Comfort... White people's comfort is a huge reason why our country is in the mess we're in today. #thisisamerica It's time we step out of our comfort zones and allow the discomfort of race talks to happen. Listen to learn. Listen to enter into people's pain. Stop being so defensive. It's not about how white people feel. Let's focus on how minorities feel in this country. #decenterus We can be the first generation in 400 years to end this! We are history makers. What side of history will you be on? #whitefragility #nomore #whitepeople4blacklives #wp4bl #blacklivesmatter #unityinourcountry #justice #listen2learn #itsnotaboutus

“That is why a man leaves his father and mother and is united to his wife, and they become one flesh.”
‭‭Genesis‬ ‭2:24‬ ‭NIV‬‬
-“Fierce Marriage” by Ryan and Selena Frederick
#marriage #fierce #itsnotaboutus

Reminiscing on the start of a beautiful thing. #itsnotaboutus #maizenetwork

People often ask us about our culture. You know; the vibe, the mabo of Compass. One of the things we’re all about is being OTHERS focused. It’s not always about us! Something that helps keep this in perspective, and provide true fulfilment, is when we serve others before ourselves. Jesus called us to love one another as we love ourselves, and to love our neighbour. Jesus himself came to serve not be served. So we have a responsibility to try to do just that, whether that’s in our own backyard or in other parts of the globe.

So, this happened on Monday. Rakia and I are so proud of our girls and their accomplishments. It is because of your faith in us that this is possible. We will be forever grateful and humbled at your faith in this God given vision. @rashanali you’re the perfect stroll to set it off. Thank you for believing in us. Let’s do more epic things!! Let’s break a cycle!!! #itsnotaboutus #mentorship#greatnessiscontagious #servantsheart #sistercircletv #webraggdifferent #dst #aka#queenin #spiritled #comeonGod #itsagodthing

Listen up, get on board
VOTE 1 Le Bon Mélange
Share share share bug your family and friends and tag your buddies and tag those awesome charities
We need your your votes to win
#Everyvotecounts #makeadifference
#cwcafeoftheyear #togeterwecanmakeadifference #itsnotaboutus #canberra #gungahlin @dabronx_pizza @kate.stankovicives @art_roberth_studios nice shot!
@hercanberra @sofranksocial @orangeskyau @roseberyst_bakehouse @ @visitcanberra @thiscanberranlife @bisonhome @camilleaniversario @anisa.sabet @meeganfitzmla @dericius @cwcafeoftheyea

You are gifted by God to perform certain works. Never think your gifts are better or worse than someone else's. The Lord allows us to all be a part of His Kingdom building. There are times He will have you front and center and times He has you beyond the scenes. Each are necessary to perform His will. Do not compare nor compete with others as you go. He will continue to grow you as you surrender, but He must always be the One we work for. Never feel bad for sharing Christ and what He has done for you with others, no matter what the outcome. The real work is done by the Lord's precious Holy Spirit. If you are assisting others to share through acts of service, your doing so is just as vital in getting the Word out. Aren't you glad that no matter what your gift, He will use you for eternal purposes when you are obedient to His calling and Word? #godisfaithful #dontcompete #unity #keepyoureyesonthelord #itsnotaboutus #devoteddaily

Happy mother's day to parents who live with mental illness and do everything they can to raise their children with love, in the healthiest and happiest way possible, despite their private struggles and those imposed on them by other people's prejudice (stigma). #itsnotaboutus

We painted our hearts out today. Thanks @handsofvision @kirkikishill for one more opportunity to give back to our community. My baby & I enjoyed ourselves.
#giving #itsnotaboutus

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mumma’s out there. And a special thank you to my ex husband and all the dads, without you, we wouldn’t have them. #happymothersday #mybabies #thankyoudads #itsnotaboutus #itsaboutthem

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