Thanks for dealing with crabby stressed out me and being my watching-crappy-romcoms buddy. #loveyou #itsfinallyover #swu #mylove

Had to take the mandatory “I’m officially done my undergrad” picture with the @ubc_okanagan sign ✌🏻 #itsfinallyover #ubc #ubco #hmkn #allgrowedup #FINALLY

After a long work day I went and got my car serviced and inspected this evening. @kradleyacura was awesome I got my car serviced and washed. Thanks @kradleyacura now I do not have to go this weekend! Also stopped and got some dinner and checked out JColes new music. #itsfinallyover #theweekendishere #sleeplate2morrow

Man I haven't posted in two weeks my dudes. So here's a doodle :)) #doodle #drawing #testingweekdoodles #itsfinallyover

Ostatni dzień egzaminu zaliczony! Pogoda dopisała...trzeba to uczcić! 😎 #icecream #exams #itsfinallyover #friends #olizarokteztocieczeka #spring #instagood #instagirls

I was debating on posting this, but I decided to anyway because I am so excited!! Nursing school was pretty good for me. I was never in danger of failing, and I had a great support system. I found out I was pregnant with Everlee around the same time I got my acceptance letter to the IU School of Nursing. I had her the summer after my first semester, and it was not easy to keep up with my studies. My family and my amazing husband were so much help to me during those few years of school. I always had A's and B's (and one C+) during my whole time in school. I had heard mixed reviews about the NCLEX, and I thought I was ready to rock it after we had our review course in December. So, I signed up and the big day came on January 30th. I was nervous as could be, but I started to freak out when I saw question 76. That meant that the computer couldn't pass me in 75 questions. I choked and got the full test, which is 265 questions. I got the news that I didn't pass the first time a day later, and I was super depressed. This had never happened to me before. I always passed with flying colors on my nursing exams, so why did I fail this one? I saw all of my peers passing and I have to admit that I was bitter about failing. Everyone was starting their new jobs as Registered Nurses, and I was stuck in limbo. I finally picked myself up and started studying from square one. My wonderful husband got me a book to help me study, and it was the best resource I could have. I read everyday and did practice questions. I finally signed up again and took my test yesterday and finished with 75 questions. I was so scared to look at my results, but I finally looked this morning. I am proud to finally say that I am Rachel Ramey RN, BSN and I cannot wait to start my career. I want to thank my amazing family and husband for helping me achieve my goals!!! If you or anyone is struggling with the NCLEX please message me and I will help you the best that I can. Don't give up!!! #RN #RNBSN #FINALLY #Pedsnurse #rileynurse #iuson #itsfinallyover

#food #life #itsfinallyover #sushi #love

Congratulations To HighBrid ! @lookingforhighbrid For Completing Treatment & Not Only Fighting Cancer, But Beating It Over The Course Of 3 Years! (Stage II Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma) /II Occurrences/ /8 Surgeries/ /2 Mediports/ /2 Catheters/ /1 PICC Line/ All With 54° #Scoliosis & Being 18 Years Old ! HUGE Thanx To All Doctors/Nurses/Practitioners/Life Coaches/Nutritionists/Preachers/Family/Friends/Fans Who Helped Throughout This Process & Prayed ! Couldn’t Have Been Done W/O You All ! Long Journey Ahead & Excited To Get To The Next Chapter Of Life! All Praises Be To God ! #NonHodgkinsLyphoma #CancerSurvivor #CancerFree #ImCleared #RingTheBell #ItsFinallyOver

It has been one hell of an adventure these past four years being at Fort Campbell. But it's that time to move on. I've learned so much and made a lot of great friends who are my brothers that I can really count on. Will never forget all the great memories we had with each other, especially the countless number of field problems and crazy weekends. Best of luck to you all! #redknights #itsfinallyover #brothers #101st #airassault

A fitting fortune for the last day of practicum. 😊 #goodluck #fortunecookie #teacher #practicumlife #itsfinallyover #ITSFINALLYOVER

So thankful we survived nursing school together.💕You are my person. 👩🏻‍⚕️👩🏻‍🎓#wegeteachother #thousandsoftearslater #itsfinallyover

Final practical for A&P complete, feeling decent about it but who knows! #maytheoddsbeeverinyourfavor #anatomyandphysiology #anatomystudent #struggleisreal #itsfinallyover-ish

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