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ROLL REVERSAL ❤️ This time it's Pati's turn in the chair #bts #itsanhonor #glowingskin #lauramericer Creme Cheek Colour Blaze, Silkcreme foundation, Primer Radiance @lauramericer @byrdiebeauty @patidubroff @milk #patidubroff

I'm gonna be a Nino to this Baby Girl!❤️#EllianaRose#ItsAnHonor#PrimaJaninnaAndJoey#Compadres#ElPadrino

DIDIER DROGBA || 🙌🏽🔵.. From watching you on tv, to meeting you in person 🙏🏽 #itsanhonor #legend

You see, I've been changing these last couple of months. I changed my way of thinking. I never really loved myself, no shit. I always let people walk right over my heart, which sadly I think a lot of young people do. "Oh, he didn't mean to hurt me that bad", or "maybe it's my fault" - you know. Let me just tell you, that shit doesn't get you anywhere but a big heartache. I dont really need a lot of people around me anymore. How people act and what they say, is only and ONLY a reflection of their own reality. Their own insecurities. I dont really need for people to like me. You see, I need people around me who truly cares for my heart. People who support my crazy ass mind and soul. People who dont leave when shit get's hard. That used to break my heart, like literally. But now? If you wanna be here, that's great. Let's vibe! Treat me right, and believe me I got you. If you don't? Cool, that fine too. Just get the phuck out of my way. And I aint about to let nobody ruin my happiness, hopes and dreams. I bring my own fucking fire. 👊🏼 #beyourowngoodweather #itsanhonor

AMPAS Class of 2017. London edition. #oscars #ampas #itsanhonor

Korvatunturin mies ja Maku - yks ilta voi muuttaa kaiken, me jos ketkä tiedetään se. #sanose #itsanhonor

Santa Claus and me - one moment can change everything, we know it. #sanose #itsanhonor

Told my dawg we gotta support the troops cos we some soldiers too 🇺🇸🤐 #itsanhonor #worth2posts


Catching a morning flight to Malang- to speak at YHS Leaders Meeting. #itsanhonor .
. "the bottom line in leadership isn’t how far we advance ourselves but how far we advance others." - Maxwell


Now that doesn't happen every damn day! Of course I'm down #hurricanemaria #illhelpfixit #puertorico #giveback #itsanhonor

🤗😎Whatever Laura Lee wants Laura Lee gets...our minds have totally synced up and our good vibes twirl together. She is extremely positive and has so much life experience to share with me. She was the first woman deputy sheriff of Los Angeles county for 25 years, has three children and fostered four more, was working till she was 86 by choice, and refers to her countless cookbooks as her friends ☝🏿We gonna party on spaghetti and meatballs today, my babes request...I can't wait to hit the grocery store and to catch LL in a food coma nap this evening ❤️ and steal some hugs #loveisreal #respectyourelders #itsanhonor 👸🏻🌼🙌🏾 #chefvonita #personalchef #professionalgiver

I'm gonna be a Nino to this Baby Girl!❤️#EllianaRose#ItsAnHonor#PrimaJaninnaAndJoey#Compadres#ElPadrino

It's been a sobering, perplexing and profound day at the symposium at the national WWI museum in Kansas, USA "remembering muted voices: conscience, dissent, resistance and civil liberties in WWI through today"
One of the questions posed during a morning session "how does one start to have conversations with the other side especially when our beliefs and values are so vastly different."
"First of all, there is no other side," the answer began. "we don't get people to come into our spaces. We go into their space and find the common space." "But what are some commonalities that you would start with?" The questioner pressed. "Food ... water ... oh and health care is also a good one. Those things are universal." were the suggestions. #peacebuilding
We finished off the long day with a memorable evening keynote address: The Alcatraz story shared by Aunt Dora and Dianne Stoltzfus accompanied by the Baker and Silverwinds choir.
#bkswkansas2017 #phsc17
#ww1 #mutedvoices #itsanhonor #andprivilege #representinghutterites #andrememberingthealcatrazbrothers @nationalwwimuseum

Working for this beautiful diva/FD/Boss Lady today! #Itsanhonor #LadyHicks #funeralservice #funeraldirectors #womenentrepreneurs #HeyMrFoy

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