Guys! I bought overalls & I totally love them. Of course I immediately tried them on with cat print and piggy buns - can you tell I’m in denial over my age? 👵🏼😻

Before and After of my Hat collection. Finally did my hat wall 😍 (Peep the de Leon Designs hat 😏) #hatcollection #headwear #hat #itsalotiknow #isuckathashtags

Find yourself friends that just get it 🤷🏻‍♂️ #itsalotiknow

Veggies for days...#itsalotiknow #boysinthehouse

I know you want it 😏 #yas #me #itsalotiknow

Got me a gorgeous group of BRIDESMAIDS💞 #itsalotiknow #youdonthavetotellme

WHEN YOUR HUSBAND GETS YOUR CATS SHIRTS WITH PICTURES OF ME WITH THEM ON THEM 😻😻😭😭 #itsalotiknow #ihavethebesthusband #trapperandhawkeye #itsjustso cute #mybirthdayweek

I WILL have an Amazing, Fashionable, Chic, Lovely & Love filled Brownstone home. ❤️✨😍🙏🏾✨ #Selah I've been OBSESSED with them since the Cosby Show & every time I see one I always say, I'm gonna have one too one day! 😍😍🏡 & I will. ❤️❤️🙏🏾❤️❤️ #LeyaFashionista #FutureBrownstoneHomeOwnerWifeMommyAndLeyaFashionistaEmpireRunnerAndCEO ✨👑✨ #ItsALotIKnow #Lol #BetItsGonnaHappenTho!

Beauty and the Beast vibes. (Makeup look inspiredby Beauty & the Beast)
*@katvondbeauty Lock It Foundation in Light 43
*@katvondbeauty Ink liner in Hemingway *@tartecosmetics Shape Tape in Light Sand *@bhcosmetics Galaxy Chic Palette
*@bhcosmetics Blushed To Go 4 blush palette
*tartecosmetics Amazonian Clay 12hr highlighter in Stunner
*tartecosmetics Smooth Operator finishing powder
*tartecosmetics Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara
*tartecosmetics Tarteist Lip Paint in Festival *@physiciansformula Shimmer Strips eyeliner in Glam Nude Gold

#itsalotiknow #tartecosmetics #bhcosmetics #katvondbeauty

Yesterday was a doozy and today's been no peach, lemme tell ya. But, I have some of the kindest souls looking out for me, praying for me and lifting me up. That right there is epic. The texts, comments and private messages were overwhelming and I love you all. I feel so dumb because in the grand scheme of my super dope, blessed, happy life-these feelings are trivial. Let's not even compare this crap to the REAL problems people face-including the many people who sent me their love. I just feel so conditioned to "have it all together" and that is so not happening right now. My crazy middle child is having major problems in school, and I have the patience of a hangry toddler in target. So, I'm completely inadequate to help her in any capacity through this. THAT is not something this girl is used to. You can't "strict discipline" a child into comprehending more, or grasping math concepts, or spelling basics. So we both end up upset and broken by the end of the night. The mom guilt after yelling at your child who is literally incapable of doing what is asked of them is deadly. I'm getting better, but not enough. Throw in some financial stress, ya know, for fun and bam-enjoy the downward spiral! I'm just not going to be okay for a while, and that's okay. I have to keep telling myself this. I KNOW God has a plan for me, and my people. I KNOW he is molding something inside of me. I KNOW there's a lesson here and a chance to grow. I JUST DON'T WANNA and I LITERALLY CAN'T EVEN. #thisisme #imsorryyouallhavetodealwithmycrazy #itsalotiknow

My friends, my whole life I have seriously been a closet nerd. I have always loved superheroes, villains, aliens, and other such comic lore. This is a majority of my collection and I am only looking to expand. #marvel #darkhorse #dc #mycoloectionisgrowing #heros #villians #antihero #imanerdiknow #mybabies #mygirlfriendstilllovesme #itsalotiknow

Base of operations people! It may seem like a mess but I know where everything is! #comics #drawing #artwork #sketch #itsalotiknow

A final farewell. After spending the most time in the UK since living here ten years ago, I'm off back to my other home. I had fun England, thanks for the memories. 🇬🇧 #byeee #cyaaa #sadbuthappy #home #allmyluggage #itsalotiknow #travel #luggage #England #Germany #marlaslondontravel

The #Kale Potato #Gnocchi in #Gorgonzola Sauce.
Yeah, it's best to look away, or if you think maybe you need a break from me you can unfollow me, I won't get upset, I know you will be back, we can just call it a break, it's healthy, and besides if you truly love someone you should set them free, just be sure to give them plenty of these gnocchi before they split, it really helps with the getting them back part.
#takeabreakfromFrank #itsacceptable #iunderstand #itsok #dontthinkaboutmeforabit #getyourheadstraight #nohardfeelings #allgood #itsalotiknow #foodchoreographer #majorpaininthepalate


I've had a few people inbox me about how I pack when I travel with 2 kids especially for Zaya & here it is! 😂
Now I do realize that this is a bit much & a little OTT but I would rather be over prepared than not at all. Zaya eats quite well but I brought Purity's along just incase... We've had Zani get sick a few times on trips so I pretty much know what I need... Yes they have meds here but I like what I know & my stuff is my stuff! Haha

So there you have it!
Hope this helps for those that asked!

#itsalotiknow #imthatmom

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