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#ItsAllAboutTheBase Flaunting smooth, fab lips, all thanks to the new @lakmeindia 9 to 5 Primer + Matte lipstick. Goal for life- Non- stop shoots with my pouts on point! Excited to try out all 30 shades which are already available online and in-store 😃  #PrimerPlusMatte #12HoursNonStopMe

A choice of 30 non-stop matte shades for the non-stop you! Try new Lakmé 9to5 Primer+Matte Lipstick.
#Lakmé #9to5 #12hoursnonstopme #itsallaboutthebase #primerplusmatte

Even on a no work day we tend to have 9 to 9 schedules... It might start with a coffee and brunch and end with an evening out with buddies. I am wearing the @lakmeindia 9 to 5 Primer + matte lipstick so I did not have to any touch ups! The primer base has really made a difference in giving my lips a smooth, matte finish that lasted 12 hours! #ItsAllAboutTheBase #PrimerPlusMatte #12HoursNonStopMe

Yes! It’s here. The new @lakmeindia 9 to 5 Primer + matte lipsticks that show why I was dancing to the tunes of #ItsAllAboutTheBase! These lipsticks with the new rose gold packaging are so cute! Thanks to the inbuilt primer in these the rich matte colour will last you 12 hours! The primer really helps give a smooth finish to the lips and I am loving it! #Primerplusmatte #12HoursNonStopMe #AakritiRanaGill

The dynamic skin duo. #itsallaboutthebase 🎼

Look into my eyes and hear what am not saying, for my eyes speak louder than my voice ever will 💥💥 #morningvibes #itsallaboutthebase #lookintomyeyes #indianyoutuber #letswintoday

We all work 9 to 9 these days don’t we? No matter how long and hectic our days are, we need our lipstick to be on point!
Thanks to the new @lakmeindia 9 to 5 Primer + matte lipsticks, it’s something I don’t need to worry about. Because of the in-built primer, my lips can now sport rich matte colours throughout the day!💋
#ItsAllAboutTheBase #PrimerPlusMatte #12HoursNonStopMe #TheSnobJournal

#ItsAllAboutTheBase  Bold, bright & smooth lips- thanks to the new@lakmeindia 9 to 5 Primer + Matte lipstick. Travel all- day while your lips slay.. 😎  Go check out this new range which has 30 shades! Available online and in-stores now. #PrimerPlusMatte #12HoursNonStopMe @lakmeindia @lakmeindia

A serious wall of snow deserves a serious winter hat. @montagedeervalley @deervalleyresort #basesnow #itsallaboutthebase #wintergear #snow #skitown


It's okay, I understand that sampling new solutions can be nerve wrecking and with all the color base choices we have it may seem intimidating... But that's what having an amazing brand owner and USA Distributor is all about.

Our new stockists are blown away by the results as well as their clients and are seeing their business double and even triple in size!
We listen to your needs and can help you to decide where to start for your particular business. We hold LIVE FREE Webinars on a regular basis to coach you on your journey with @colourmebronze_pro solutions and provide you with all the knowledge you need to make the best choices for each and every skin tone and undertone that walks through your door.

Join our Facebook group "Colour Me Bronze Professional - Spray Tan Technicians Group" to chat with all the technicians around the world using our brand. 🌎

If you are ready to take the plunge into what is becoming the hottest new spray tan brand out on the market you can create an account on www.colourmebronze.com to get this party started! 🎈🎉 We only use photos of fully developed tans to showcase the true tone and depth of color that can actually be achieved with our solutions so you know what the final results will look like.... Take a look for yourself! Follow @colourmebronze_pro and check out the pics by searching tags #colormebronze_pro✌️

COLOUR ME BRONZE PROFESSIONAL spray tan solution in Risqué #chocolatebase 😍
Thanks for tagging us here at Colour Me Bronze Professional ❤️
#Repost @spraytannedbynatalie
All bronzed up for vacation. Yep this is how she showed up on the beach after arriving. Thank you @victoriastew for letting me bronze you up with a perfect custom brown #spraytannedbynatalie #brown #Yum #spraytansarebest #noskindamage #allnaturalingredients #colourmebronze

So today was all about base, I wanted to show how well it covered by doing just half my face but also to talk about how to pick what is best for you, also primers and how to pick the best brush.
💗primer is good for filling in fine lines and pours to give a smoother finish, also helps you use less foundation and stops make up sinking into your skin 💗foundation: dry skin BB cream
Suitable for most skin types is liquid foundation
Cream foundation also good on dry skin gives more of a dewy finish
Powder foundation great on oily skin also helps to dull down shine and gives a matte finish 💗concealer if your covering blemishes use same colour as foundation, if you want more of a highlight and brighter finish 1-2 shades lighter than your foundation 💗brushes: synthetic brush is great for liquid foundation
Natural hair brush is also great and can be used for liquid but you would probably find that you would need to replace your natural hair brush more regularly because after a while the Liquid may start to cause the brush to break down, natural hair brush works great with powder foundation
#itsallaboutthebase #primer #foundation #liquid #cream #powder #concealer #brushes #howtoknowwhattopick

G O R G E O U S results of our @colourmebronze_pro Flirty and Risque TANtail® mixed base fully developed from a newer stockist of CMBP here in the USA! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Stunning result of our green and chocolate/brown base solutions TANtailed together.
#Repost @spraytannedbynatalie
No filter needed #spraytannedbynatalie #colourmebronze #24hours developed #risqueandflirty #Brown

@sydneywilliamssss is a very fair client who wanted a darker tan for #homecoming so I selected our universal base color Risqué and this is the fully developed color 👌⭐

A year makes a big difference when you're taking care of your skin. Clearly I learned something about lighting too. lol #skincare #itsallaboutthebase #simplyradiant #naturallybased

Colour Me Bronze Professional - 10% Flirty #greenbase and 15% Risqué #chocolatebase
My beautiful client @audrey_789 (right) is a very fair skin , cool undertone. I chose the TANtail mixed base of 12.5% and this is the fully developed color 2 days later 🌟

Get "Cheeky" with Colour Me Bronze Professional.

To purchase our solutions or for further enquiries visit our website www.colourmebronze.com.au or email sales@colourmebronze.com.au

We now have a dedicated US distributor and website. For further enquiries visit the US website www.colourmebronze.com
#bluebasedsolution #bluebasesolution #bluebasedtan #bluebasetan #colourmecheeky #itsallaboutthebase #baserevolution #colourmebronze_pro

Get "Flirty" with Colour Me Bronze Professional.

To purchase our solutions or for further enquiries visit our website www.colourmebronze.com.au or email sales@colourmebronze.com.au.

We now have a dedicated US distributor and website. For further enquiries visit the US website www.colourmebronze.com or email sales@colourmebronze.com

#greenbasedsolution #greenbasesolution #greenbasedtan #greenbasetan #colourmeflirty #itsallaboutthebase #baserevolution #colourmebronze_pro #colourmebronzetanningacademy

Introducing our next Colour Me Bronze Professional stockist in the USA


If you are looking for a Colour Me Bronze Professional spray tan and live in or are visiting the Newport Beach area of California then Angela is the one to contact!

She has been providing mobile tans for 6 years and services several areas, including Los Angeles, OC, and San Diego 🚗

For more information about tanning please visit her FB page www.facebook.com/bellezabronzing and follow her on IG @bellezabronzing. You can reach her at 323-706-4748

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