You can either wait to take control of your life or you can take control right NOW!
Do you want to prolong your happiness or find that joy of feeling free in your own skin? Everyone has the strength to start. It’s the courage you have to fight for! But you’ll realize that fear you’ve been running from was nothing! My Virtual Wellness Studio welcomes anyone who is ready to take their health and fitness journey to the next level. I’m here help. Just reach out and lets get started!

Guess what! I have 5 adorable headbands to give away with your health and fitness package! Only 5 though! Different colors and prints you can rock out while you get your body in shape!
It’s hard to start this healthy lifestyle sometimes but it’s a lot easier when you look cute doing it! First 5 challengers to sign up gets one! PM me for all the details!!

Got it in!! 2 Miles pledge plus an additional 1 1/2 Total 3 1/2 Miles and just getting in, cooked dinner and did my 100 jumping jacks and 50 crunches✨How bout that!!🏃🏽‍♀️Loving my New Sauna Suit💪🏽👙💣!! Who else got it in today?? Check in if you got at least your 2 miles in??#Joinme#ItsaLifestylemovement#30303

A healthy lifestyle not only changes your body. It changes your mind, your attitude and your mood.
There is no shortcut to this journey. It takes time to build a strong, better version of yourself. But it will happen faster if you start now 😉

I literally couldn’t feel my booty after the first round! Well let me rephrase...... all I felt was my bum on 🔥!! #bootygainsz #bumonfire🍑

Non Scale Victory today for my #transformationtuesday 😃

I am now on Week 3/11 of my program and I have lost a total of 1.9” 👏🏼 off my body! I call this a non scale victory because for 1) I don’t need a scale to see my results and 2) I only like to weigh myself once every couple of months. I am definitely getting more energy and my metabolism is getting higher 🙌🏼 If you’re wanting to get bikini 👙 ready or just start a new lifestyle of eating better and daily exercise, then you need to do this! I’m so glad I decided to commit to myself of being #obsessed with my health. I’m here ready to chat when you make the decision 😊

Did you ever start your resolution to get healthy? Or did you not even bother because you know you wouldn’t stay with it?

Most people quit after the 2 week mark but honestly my group has been kicking ass! We are all 100% in it and we are making weekly video chats on our strengths and struggles. This might be what you need to stay focused! I’m not saying this will be easy but it will be a lot better with the love and support from me and my challengers.
So this is my last minute invitation to you. Jump on the #fittrain with us and start doing something positive for yourself! What do you have to lose except some unwanted pounds 😉?! Drop an email below, reach out to me in messenger or comment “I want in” down below 👇🏼

Oh yes. Starting to pop! #absbuttarepopping
14/80 and still going! Get #obsessedwithyourfuture

#Repost @iamshandrea (@get_repost)
I know you have been hearing all the buzz about the 30•30•3 . Well we are expanding and looking for Distributors to promote the system!! Join me live tonight at 10pm est as I share the exact blueprint that has allowed me to lose 30 lbs and earn 6 figures in 17 months working from home.
Join the #Movement that's changing lives. 2018 is approaching. Tune in tonight to hear how 30 minutes, for 30 days with 3 products WILL Change your life! #ItsALifestyleMovement that's bringing #Awareness to the world that #HealthIsWealth! Let's talk #Freedom after the call. To join the movement! Inbox/DM me #30303

Men's dry fit collection finally arrived @islandsole and Island Art and Sole. Visit us at any location
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Zucchini pasta 🍝 with avocado 🥑 cream sauce = healthy lunch ! #goodfoodbenefits #freshrawfoodlunch #lovemyfreshbasil #itsalifestylemovement

#FWB2017 #itsalifestylemovement Grab ur copy 😍💃

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