Praying in front of St. Thomas Aquinas’ tomb was definitely one of the best bucket list moments. He is one of my favorite saints, and I was so happy to have to opportunity to visit!

Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own. Matthew 6:34


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“Many souls are in Heaven through the prayers of Mary who otherwise would not be there” - St. Thomas Aquinas

When you have an unexplainable desire to do something. When you pray about it. When you realize it can be done for the glory of God. When you understand that it might be God who's calling you to do it. When those who are around you just don't understand. When they try to convince you to give up. When you fight for it and start to see the results coming. When things are fitting right into place... 🙏
"الناس قالوا لي ازاي هتصدق واقع تاني
يمكن يحصل يمكن لأ، يمكن تعاني
لكني سامع صوت في قلبي ملى كياني
صوت واضح أقوى من أي واقع تاني
هو الّي بيدعي الغير موجود وكأنة أمامي.."
"Ma la voce che ti chiama
un altro mare ti mostrerà
e sulle rive di ogni cuore
le tue reti getterai.."
"But the Voice of Truth tells me a different story
And the Voice of Truth, says "do not be afraid!"
And the Voice of Truth, says "this is for My glory"
Out of all the voices calling out to me
I will choose to listen and believe the Voice of Truth.."
#currentsituation #voiceoftruth #itrustinyou #vocedellaverità #confidointe #italy

Dear God, please protect my Kiki wherever she is right now, please lead her home safely, I trust in you God, and I believe in prayers. As you have said:" 應當一無掛慮,只要凡事藉着禱告、祈求,和感謝,將你們所要的告訴神。 神所賜、出人意外的平安必在基督耶穌裏保守你們的心懷意念。腓立比書 4:6‭-‬7
Dear friends please pray for my KiKi, for her to return home safe 🙏🙏 #missingcat #hk #itrustinyou #god #pleasecomehome #pleaseprayformycat

Si el tren de tu vida te dejo a medio camino, no tomes otro hacia atras, no te quedes varado, respira profundo, espera con paciencia, toma el siguiente y sigue adelante, que el destino que te espera puede que sea mejor de lo que piensas... 🚅

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A few days ago, I was able to visit the relics of Saint Padre Pio, which were making a world tour. As a convert, this was very exciting and also a kind of new experience for me!! This year is when I started really learning more about the lives of the saints.
I took a few hours off work and waited in line to see the relics. I noticed people had several rosaries and prayer cards out and such... and I asked someone why, and they told me they will touch their daily rosary/items to these first and second class relics.
So I thought wow! 😍 #convertproblems hahaha I swear sometimes I need a sign that says “I’m a convert - help!” 🤣
Luckily I had my rosary on me and so I was able to touch my rosary and my lady of Guadalupe pin (on my work lanyard) to these first and second class special relics of such a holy saint.
Now it makes my rosary just that much more special and powerful in my eyes.
It is indeed a spiritual weapon! 💪🏼 Saint Padre Pio, pray for us.
All you angels and saints, pray for us.
I am still so grateful for that experience. ☺️🙏🏼


This is my bible from when I was kyzers age ❤️
I remember my great grandma Elfriede and great grandpa Richard reading it to me from a really young age. It was always my favorite. The pictures that go along with the Bible stories are awesome for kiddos!
Y’all I seriously looked on amazon for this exact book. I wanted one for kyzer & Kruze so so bad. I wanted mine for them. Luckily my grandma did find mine! 😍
This is the story I read to kyzer last night on the couch before we went to his room & I got him to lay down & let me pray with him.
Moral: “do not be afraid”, we just must have trust in the lord and “god will take care of us.”
“God did take care of them”.
“God did save his people”.
If you’re looking for a beginners bible, this is the one y’all ❤️

A letter and a phone call. Your results demonstrated a finding that needs further evaluation. We need to do additional screening studies.

I know this is common. Nothing to worry about. But more of a reason to fight for health. I thought of so many reasons to push even harder in my workout today. But God’s got this. I know it. 💗


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