Today was very rewarding. PMA members and their loved ones spent the morning giving back at the local Journey Home. It was a great cause and the bags we packed were a big hit. Stay tuned for our next community outreach opportunity. #itpaystogiveback #lendingahand #pmarocks

Curb Your Ego
Recently, I was reconnecting with a friend (love you @vivalabeebs 😘) and we were discussing what it was like when we were in undergrad. I know.. it was literally a minute ago, but I swear it feels like foreverrrr 😩 Anyway, both of us were pre-meds at one point and if there’s one thing we both experienced, it was how unwilling other pre-med students were to helping each other succeed. I’m not saying everyone was like this, but a huge amount definitely was. For example, there’s tons of pre-med students who will purposely keep study tips from their friends because it may increase exam averages. And yes, I get it. If everyone is doing well, it’s harder to be at the “top”. But it’s so disheartening to see friends act one way in school and another way outside of school. One of the most important lessons I learned from my mentors is that success happens when you lift each other up. When I was a freshman, I really struggled to figure out my way in a university of over 60,000 students. I didn’t have an older sibling who I could ask for advice and I didn’t know many upperclassmen who I felt comfortable speaking to. It was because of those few individuals who went out of their way to guide me that I was able to learn important lessons which helped me throughout undergrad. I still value those lessons today. For this reason, I always try to help out when I see someone who is in the same shoes that I was in. Whether it’s for something small like which bus will get you to your class the quickest or big like which courses will help you maintain a solid GPA, don’t ever hesitate to help someone in need. They might take your advice or they might not - who knows? Best case scenario, it might be exactly what they’re searching for.

Had an amazing night volunteering at Feed My Starving Children. My sister queens and I helped box 50,760 meals that will feed 139 kids for a whole year! @usanationalmiss @usanationalmissarizona #UNMserves #itpaystogiveback #makeadifference #positivepageantry

#BMackandKarly’s winner from the
Coast Capri Annual Tiny Tim Breakfast. Congrats on the Cirque du Soleil- Crystal tickets. #itpaystogiveback

🎄Holiday HAPPINESS! 🎄
Check out Sylvia’s new #308love from her gift certificate winnings!
#itpaystogiveback #kearneychamberchallenge #30daysofsocial #rollerbags #greatgifts

Happy Wednesday!!! See some of you downtown LA to give hope, love, feed, and clothe the less fortunate with @wefeedthehungry today. Just show up. Don’t need to bring anything but your smile and heart :) .
ADDRESS: 540 s San Pedro from 12-2pm

"You always get back what you put out in this world. When you turn a blind eye to others, the world eventually turns a blind eye on you. If you want to make a real difference in the world and in your life, always embrace the opportunity to give to others." -Greg P @thesimplestlife13

Another successful trip to the Ronald McDonald House🔥🔥❤️❤️ #FIRE #communityservice #itpaystogiveback #friendship #missingafew

Had the very humbling opportunity to give back to my community this morning at the Keep Flushing Clean Day 2017. Do your little bit of good where you are. Its those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world.

If i do you a favour, dont say thank you. Just help three other people and ask those three people to help three other people. And see how many lives you touch. #maketheworldabetterplace #help3peopleeveryday #behappy😊 #smile😊 #putasmileonsomeonesface #helpyourneighbor #giversneverlack #itpaystobenice #itpaystogiveback #youcantgobrokebyhelping #smileyouneverknowwhoswatching #makesomeonehappy #giveselflessly

Don't forget to check out my store under the 'GIVE BACK' section to learn how your purchase can help women who are victims of commercial sexual exploitation. #createdbyjoedi

In case you've missed my Facebook LIVE post. I recently partnered with @belovedatlanta and pledged 10% of the profits from a selection of jewelry to go towards helping victims of commercial sexual exploitation. If anyone is willing to share with their friends, I would really appreciate it. Here is the link to the jewelry. ---------> http://etsy.me/2pzhHYs or follow the link in my bio. Thank you @katyruthphotography for the amazing photos. #giveback #breakthesilence #breakingchains #beaducation #jewlery #armcandy

March is Trisomy 18 Awareness Month. .
My wife and I wanted to do something SPECIAL for one of her customers and bring awareness to TRISOMY 18. .
As you might know, we run a monthly ACCOUNTABILITY group for wellness, health and fitness. Here's a great opportunity for you to not only HELP yourself...but also GIVEBACK to others.
Anyone who commits to joining our group by MARCH 31st...My wife and I will donate $50 in your name to the "Love for Lucy" fund. PLUS we will also send you a SPECIAL Thank you gift from my wife and I for helping others.
Anyone who commits to joining our group by APRIL 3rd...My wife and I and will donate $50 in your name to the "Love for Lucy" fund. .
If you been thinking about getting in shape and working on your nutrition to become a better version of yourself...NOW would be a great time to COMMIT.
DM for details
#LoveforLucy #trisomy18awareness #instagood

Miss Kiki Here 👑! As always, Miss Jennifer @jjiurocks leads by example. Today she offered a gentleman living on the streets, her cookies and scarf. She also went back with a sandwich for him. Way to go Miss Jennifer, what a great example of kindness and caring 💖#kindnesschronicles #kindnessreturned #jjiuloveskindnesschronicals #welearnfromthebest #itpaystogiveback #porthopedance #northumberlanddance

Inspiration in honor of Presidents Day.

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