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Khloe💭 Its Monday, embrace your bed head 💖😜💖😁💖😂

Yep, definitely getting used to #citylife . Also I'm most likely thinking about food here. Or how to steal more shoes.

Naps with mum 💤

Oh, this isn't my bed?
••• #ibegtodiffer #socomfy #minenow


Entry for #TFFModelSearch1
Seven would love to be your model because he brings in a positive attitude to those around him. He's getting way better at posing in front of a camera and will do anything for a treat! Obviously, his poses aren't the only best thing - his expressions is also a main thing to consider. He can go from lazy to hyper is seconds! We'll do our very best to share you company to our followers and friends! Thank you for hosting this giveaway!

use SEVEN10 to save 💰💰


Go with the fleur 🌺
Flower accessory by @dapper.dexter


I was so tired out from work, I could barely stay awake on the way home!

I love chewing!!!🐾

Follow my NEW puppy cuzin @flynnthemin2017 ! He's new to instagram!!! And the fluffiest new baby ever!

Go with the fleur 🌺
Flower accessory by @dapper.dexter

🦁😍 #therealziggyboy

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