Sometimes you have to forget what you feel, and remember what you deserve. 💕 #TBT #NewYorkCityNights #FauxFur #RedLips #ItIsWhatItIs #ItWasWhatItWas #InMyKingdomWithMyTimbsOn 📸 @noreligion

She’s so beautiful😍😍 Look at that jawline and those beautiful eyes😱 I wish I could be as beautiful as @jambeauty89 💕
Also, I’m sorry I’m not as active as Id like to be :( I’m in high school so I have a lot of homework to do and tests to study for. But I’ll try to do my best😬💕

Have you seen @jambeauty89 new video yet??? Be sure to check it out❤️ Also this is such a cute thumbnail I love it💕

I don’t always procrastinate but when I do it’s the night before payroll is due.
#tbtowheniwasprocratinating #itiswhatitis

#FourYearsAgoToday I said #IDo to my partner at the time, with whom I thought I would spend the #restofmylife. Unfortunately it all fell apart less than a year later (after over seven years of life together) and with it my entire existence. I have struggled every. single. day. since then to reclaim and rebuild. And that task has proven extremely difficult if not impossible I'm sorry to say. Learning to live on my own, get a car for myself, pay the expensive Maui rent, be alone and by myself, mostly just run as far and as fast as I could, find any outlet (mostly alcohol) to stave off the pain, work three jobs, lay in bed just wishing for it all to be over, find out it was infidelity that caused the split, try and manage anger and sadness, move to Seattle, manage the two cats that I got left with (and love dearly!) during that move, try and have some sort of self esteem, largely look to others and forge shitty shallow connections, dig deeper into the escapism (again the booze), face a mental illness finally, open up to my transgender awareness, be upfront with family, try and be active and effective in a field and job I love, almost succeed at killing myself, have way too many run ins with the law, undergo serious therapy, have consults for top surgery and HRT, still grapple with depression and escapism. But maybe I'm finally over running...I'm finally over dulling and escaping and delaying...I'm finally over making myself small, not standing tall, not committing to me, not using my voice and, most importantly not taking back my power. This is it. This is my time. Will I still have bad days where emotions surrounding such overwhelm me? I'm sure. Will I still struggle to establish my life, on my own, for myself? I'm sure. Will I still have days that depression wins? That dysphoria wins. No doubt. Will I let that keep me from putting one foot in front of the other in committing to myself, my self esteem, my self care, and my self love? Fuck no. Today I say #IDo to me. To the most important person in my life. To the most deserving of love and support. To the most dapper and capable guy. To Alec. Cheers! #SelfLove #SelfCare #SelfEsteem #LGBTQ #Transgender #Nonbinary

I'm fine. Even when I'm not ok, I'm superb, splendid, exemplary. So don't worry about a thing. I'll be just fine. Always have been. Always will be. #letmework #sorrynotsorry #igotthis #itiswhatitis

So I am trying to weigh myself every Thursday or Friday, I know everyone say’s don’t focus on the scale it can go up and down and can be discouraging and trust it can! 😏 lol! But right now I’m doing it for my own reasons and #motivation when I started I was over 200 maybe about 207-210 or so, so my first goal was to get under 200lbs in which I #accomplished then my second goal was to get under 190! Well since last Saturday we where hanging out watching the fight I #binged I drank like there was no tomorrow and munched out! So this time around i did not meet my goal in the time I wanted to but I was close! unfortunately we can’t cheat the body, them hips don’t lie!! Lol. 🤷🏻‍♀️ But I will keep trying, and I hope to be able to #stayfocused in #myfitnessjourney it’s not easy I’m not gona lie. My goal is just to try and keep going even if it takes me longer, because I’m human and I love to drink and munch out #itiswhatitis #livelifealittle but stay focused👌🏽 #fightingtogetfit #fitness #fattofit #icandoit #fitnessjourney #gymtime

Late night gym session in the condo #gymtime #workout #itiswhatitis

Omg if this doesn't hit home
#true #truestory #truth #irl #icanrelate #itiswhatitis #icannnnnot 😂😂😂😂😂😂🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️💯💯💯💯💯💯🎯

“Something will grow from what you’re going through, and it will be YOU”. #selfie #mirrormirror #justbecause #saying #hello #calladitameveomasbonita #quotes #quotestoliveby #growing #lessonslearned #itiswhatitis

October 19 2013 Halloween party in the NO...Not one to air things on SM but anyone who knows me knows this meant a lot to me, and the last few months have been rough even for my hard non emotional ass. Everything else has been removed but this one’s going to stay as a reminder to me whether people accept it or not. I’ve been in 🇺🇸 almost 9 years now and she was my BEST friend for the majority of that time, so I won’t just forget or have any negative feelings. She was/is amazing, but I suppose for different reasons, all good things come to an end. #Halloween #dayone #bestfriend #notonetoaironsocialmediabutitwasabigpartofmylife #likeitornot #itiswhatitis

I swear thats how I always feel! #itbethatway #lifesnotfair #itiswhatitis

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