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Happy Birthday My Sweet Angel. You are my EVERYTHING!! ❤️ #soproudtobeyourmom #myeverything #happybirthdaybeautiful #ithankGodeverydayforyou

Thank you God, for wrapping my best friend, my heart and my husband in one ❤ #MyFavorite #IThankGodEverydayForYou #HappyValentinesDay #LuckyGirl

Thank you all our customers.we are what we are because of you.We value all your support including all our secret followers who don't like to be posted.Thank you😍😍😍.Much love and God bless🙏🏽🙏🏽 #gratefulheart

Happy birthday to my beautiful girlfriend @les_2016 , I don't know what I'd do without you in my life, I can't only thank god for a blessing like you #girlfriend #happybirthday #mygirl #blessing #ithankgodeverydayforyou

The best birthday gift I could ever ask and pray for, I already have. Thank you for loving me unconditionally, for showing me how beautiful love can be, and for showering me with love not only today, but all of my days. ❤️ #IthankGodeverydayforyou #blessed

I just wanted to wish my better half, best friend, baby zaaaddy, and love of my life, @rmtran a Happy 33rd Birthday!!!! 🎉🎂❤️ **cheers** to another year of life, love, and countless adventures together... like parenthood 😝👫👶🏻 sending you all my XOXOs from work 😘 see you in a few hours B!! #iLoveYouMoreThanYouKnow #AllThatMushyStuffIsInMyTexts #HappyBirthdayB #iThankGodEveryDayForYou


Breathe life everyday, Jax. Look up. Notice the clouds, if any, and the colors. Watch the birds. Pay attention to the architectural details of old buildings and bridges. Through it all, some are still standing. Drive out to the beach late at night and look at the stars. Sit in silence. Take it all in. Attend a play. Draw a picture. Read some poetry. Enjoy music. Plant a tree or two. Play ball. Spend time with your boys and girls. Talk with elderly people. Appreciate everyone in your life, good or bad. They are God’s gift to you. And for your growth. Go to church. Praise God everyday. Contribute to your community. Be and set an example. Do it all, baby boy. #IThankGodEverydayForYou #MyGuyJackieBoy #GoodMorningLilFella #YouMakeMyDays #SoonYoullUnderstand

Happy Birthday My Sweet Angel. You are my EVERYTHING!! ❤️ #soproudtobeyourmom #myeverything #happybirthdaybeautiful #ithankGodeverydayforyou

Wonderful birthday to my dear hubby!🎂🎈🥂 May all your wishes come true. 💕❤️😍😘🙏 ☕️👨‍💻👟👞👕👖👔🕶🥘🍩🍮🍫🏀🏸⛹️
#ithankgodeverydayforyou #hubbyandbuddy #daddieA #manwithabigheart #besthubbyever

The reason why I work so hard and love so deep. Stop growing up baby girl, mom is not ready for you this.
#nofilterneeded #unconditionallove #allsassallday #ithankgodeverydayforyou

This right here is my reason I will never give up . No matter what I go through , now matter how many times I get knocked down , I will always keep pushing forward and give it my all. #ithankgodeverydayforyou

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