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—main chick
ac/ic: 100% lumieres.mp4 (i slowed the audio and added voice over)
dt: @nishagrande @delicateflowerrchild because they are my best friends who always managed to make me happy -
people,i can’t we‘re one thousand people on this account.This account is older than a year now and we are officially 1k.I mean other people make a thousand subscribers in one day but it means so much to me.Over a thousand people are interested in my edits and over a thousand people are interested in myself and over a thousand people wanna watch my edits.I don’t know it’s a weird feeling but it’s still beautiful.I don’t want to write a cringy long ass text so i‘m gonna leave this here just remember that i‘m so thankful for all of you and everyone of y’all are loved and y’all are worth it. love xx

i think i forgot how to edit

Since today is my bday I wanted to post a bday edit of myself and I look really ugly in the pictures I used-alley

in this house, we stan the most badass member of the losers club
—ac: strrwberry
—cc: orchus
this is so ugly bye
[#beverlymarsh #beverlymarshedit #it2017 #it2017edit #omgpage]

Since today is my bday I wanted to do a face reveal

vc: ??
*film: It (2017)
Ho appena visto IT in streaming ed è bellissimo ajsbsbdbd e straadoro Beverly 🌚
q. voi lo avete visto?
#it #it2017 #itedit #it2017edit #beverlymarsh #beverlymarshedit

vc: he.artist
*film: It (2017)
Adoro tantissimo.
q. It 1990 vs It 2017?
#it #it2017 #itedit #it2017edit

@latriceroyale 💫
Pound the Alarm

vc: seremndipity [dorkies]
q. chi preferireste incontrare del cast di it?
a. Madonna se io incontrassi Jack farei un casino.. O meglio ancora se incontrassi i Fack riuniti ODDDD
#it2017 #it #itcast #it2017cast #itedit #it2017edit #itcastedit #it2017castedit

me @ everyone whenever they talk to me ever

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