Place value puzzles from Kmart.

How good is Kmart for all your hands on teaching ideas?! So much love to whoever thought up this idea, it’s going to make place value a lot more fun.

Star of the week stool ✅ Inspired by amazing ideas on Pinterest! Can’t wait to use this in the classroom during carpet and table time.
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Wow what an awesome response we had last week to our new QR code resource 🙌🏽 We have plenty more of them to share with you including this latest base ten game.
This resource is perfect for those who are introducing and using base ten blocks in the classroom. As always this resource is available exclusively for the awesome members of our website. If you'd like to find out more simply follow the link in our bio! 💕

It’s finished. My new teacher bag ready for September! It matches my ringbinder perfectly, yes I am that extra 👌. I think it is soooo cute 🎀👛📌
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This weeks ⚡️ #FridayFlashback ⚡️ is our updated Roll & Read sight word game. This resource is *completely* editable, meaning you can use it to practise any words your students are learning.
Would you like to see more editable resources on the website? Let us know below 👇🏽👇🏽

My first sticker delivery!! Obviously had to get some holographic sparkle in there ✨ I chose some tropical scented good manners stickers 🍍to encourage my expectations for the first few weeks and some vanilla scented Birthday stickers because why not! 🎂👩🏽‍🏫 Thank you @pts_stickers !

Our floating boats for the ‘oa’ sound.

How many times can one person ask the same question? Is it just us, or is this the daily challenge of most classes 💁🏽😂 ✏️ Did you start with a capital? ✏️ Have you checked your writing to make sure it makes sense? ✏️ Has a friend checked your writing?
And on, and on! Our freshly updated editing posters may just help your students remember all of the key points when editing their work 🤞🏽🤞🏽 Follow the link in our bio to check out all 13 posters.

We had lots of fun today solving our 100 board and skip counting in 2’s puzzle #year1 #teachersofinstagram #iteachyear1 #lovemyjob❤️ #puzzles #mathfun #skipcountingby2s

Time to race! Using our *new* time activity students will practise reading time on an analogue clock. Available in two different levels to suit a range of abilities. Check out the link in our bio to download ⏰ 🕰 🕞

Forever inspired by the Instagram teaching community. Sight words for my students to hi5 as they leave the classroom. I used the editable handprints from @twinklaustralia

Was super spoilt at work for my birthday today! ❤️ 🎁

Making oobleck during independent learning centres this week. Not sure about the blue cheese reference in the reflection though...😆🤔
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I’m so excited to teach Geography this afternoon. Thank you @miss_fairclough_ these little books are gorgeous!

Building flowers, one contraction at a time! 🌸 🌻 🌺 🌼

These two teachers would give @pink anA++ for her effort tonight 😁 Thank you for the amazing show! #inlovewithournewjumpers #pinkbeautifultrauma #iteachyear1 #teachers #schoolnightwhoops #friends

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