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And I hate clowns @regalmovies #itatregal

This movie was scary as hell but man was it good. Id watch it a bunch and never get tired of it #itatregal

You'll Float Too
@regalmovies #itatregal 🎈🤡

I don't want to float 😫 @regalmovies but I'll take prize for my efforts though 😈. #itatregal #imtryingtowinsomething #shemademedoit #shejustsawmypostaboutwaxingthecity #pleaseletmewinsomething

It was SO good you guys!!! 🎈
@regalmovies #itatregal

Happy Birthday @ryandstern. Here, have some nightmares courtesy of @stephenking @itmovieofficial and @regalmovies 🤡🎈#itatregal #it #stephenking


Very happy to have the collectible "IT" ticket in my obsession pile. 🎈

@eyeregretmakingthis (my love) gave me this cool ticket and inspired me to make some more art for my wall ☺️ Hopefully my roommate doesn't mind all the spooky stuff I'm hanging up 🎈
#inktober (and I finally found my copic yay!!!) #itatregal (yes I only have 1 copic)

I'm really liking Black and red nail polish right now. Lol I tried to do the gradient on my left hand and I totally failed so I didn't even bother trying on my right hand. I'll try the gradient again next year. I don't have time for that right now. 😂😂😂

Wish me luck at the movie! #itatregal

Friend: here have this I know you love Stephen King and its your birthday present. ME:cool thanks. @regalmovies #itatregal

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