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okay but like i love the idea of lud and feli being the ultimate cheesy couple. lud always comes up behind feli while he's cooking and kisses the top of his head. feli is always fretting over whether lud is too cold, even though he has the chillier climate of the two. lud always washes feli's hair for him when they shower together and sometimes they just cuddle underneath the falling water. feli sometimes forces himself to stay awake on nights where lud has to stay up late working, even if lud keeps insisting that he goes to bed. lud always brings feli out of a grumpy mood with tickles and tummy kisses. i love these two so much and i just want them to be happy and domestic

·italy has been shown to become very upset if germany spends more time with greece or spain
·italy and germany take baths together
·italy and germany frequently go on vacation together, often to very romantic locations such as rome and verona
·italy runs/clutches to germany whenever he becomes frightened
·germany was unwilling to go to an anime convention unless italy was there with him
·germany didn't feel true happiness until the night he proposed to italy

a concept: italy feeling loved and appreciated by the people around him instead of constantly being worried if he messed up again

i still kinda like hetalia but i find the show itself a little boring now idk lol maybe im just here for the fandom xD am i gonna look back on this account in a few years and cringe? possibly ~🌙
#aph #hetalia #aphitaly #aphgermany #gerita #itager #hetaliaaxispowers

this isn't gerita but i just want to talk about this for a sec?? this breaks my heart, knowing how useless italy truly believes he is. he's brought to tears by britain asking him to teach him art, because it's been so long since anyone thought he was good enough to do anything. his whole life he's been told he's nothing but a fuck-up. he wants to help but no one thinks he is capable enough to do so. italy truly and thoroughly believes he is unable to do anything right, and this thought has engrained itself so deeply in his mind that he bursts into tears whenever someone gives him a chance to prove himself. he has so much love and happiness to give but few people have the patience to sit and take it. and yeah, people like germany and prussia and japan are shown to be amazing friends to italy but let's be honest, they too probably think he can't do anything on his own. he's so sweet and deserves so much more than what he has. dream on, small italian. get out there and prove yourself, you adorable little shit

My account is dead atm

i went to bed at 10:30 and woke up at 4:45 without an alarm and actually felt rested and then i did my stats homework all the way through and understood it, i wish i could live in this feeling forever (edit: i ate an apple too and had coffee!! i never have breakfast!! i am on a roll)

right okay so i just got back from the dentist and the hygienist was really young and cute and was actually putting in an effort to talk to me and wow i am gay

Don't be shy, Ludwig! Just take the flower, man

#aphitaly #aphgermany #gerita #itager #Hetalia

he said "isn't ludwig just the perfect sexy husband for me"

wow okay so that petition for season 7 of hetalia has been blowing up the past few days and i have one thing to say about it: y'all are delusional or very young if you think it's going to work. this show is past its prime. the fandom is so small nowadays. for these animators who need to put food on the table, it's not worth it. animation costs money. they can't just whip up a season 7 and send it over to america. it takes time, and when there are all these other shows out there that are making worlds more money than hetalia, no one is going to want to work on a show that should have been left alone after 2013. seriously. the fandom is good and all, but there is little hope for a new season. let hima keep making the webcomic and go enjoy that instead of bugging people for a new season. if they want to make one, in time they will. it's sweet that people have hope, but hetalia is not as big as it once was. we need to get over that, enjoy what we have, and let it go. it's not your decision to make. leave it be.

and if you look to my story you will see that the contestant for the monthly "crying over a ship that isn't gerita" fest is nedcan, i love the pure tulip kids

oh okay

Yes Germboi carry your bf to safety ❤❤

he r o l l

y'all should go and leave some questions about anything at all on my sarahah it's dry asf and i am very bored

I really like the canon fact that Lud has really thicc thighs because they're good for Feli to rest his head on and sometimes he just plops down on Lud's lap while he's watching television or working or something and comments on how good of a seat he makes lmao

Today @italy_u24_ultimate_frisbee 🇮🇹 made history. Taking revenge on Germany after a universe loss in power pool, and winning the @wfdfwu24uc semifinal 15-7, they reach the peak of entire Italian ultimate history...untill tomorrow! 😉

We are so proud of you boys and we can't wait for the final against USA!

#wfdf #wfdfwu24uc #italy #goitaly #itager #15-7 #andiamoaberlino #semifinal #u24 #ultimate #theultimatelife #pride #🇮🇹

so like...a couple of things

1) holy shit rereading this strip makes me realize how thoroughly in love with italy germany is?? you can say whatever you want about italy liking women and not being interested. but holy shit does germany have the hots for him. just look at him experiencing true happiness for the first time?? around him

2) there was a whole section of buon san valentino that wasn't animated where germany is talking to austria about how he is going to have to have sex with italy in order for his courting to be complete

3) germany freaking out and breaking down because "fuck i'm in love with a man how could i have let this happen" poor guy

4) germany is a virgin, confirmed by the last panel

This breaks my heart every time kms

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