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A twitter hashtag #ISupportRohitSardana trended for a long time yesterday, Rohit Sardana being the star anchor of BJP Channel Zee News and a huge favourite of Modi supporters. Why the sudden support for Rohit? According to Bhakt claims, 150 Fatwas were issued against Rohit Sardana in response to Rohit Sardana asking a Maulana for Allah’s proof of birth in his show. Many of the tweets in support of Rohit Sardana got 100s of retweets.--------- As it turned out, there was no fatwa whatsoever and it was a complete hoax. ----- So, where did this fake news regarding the fatwa originate? Multiple right-wing websites carried this fake news, some of them being logicalbharat.com, dainikbharat.org, hindutva.info, newspur.in, thelotpot.com etc.

Out of these
the earliest share was from newspur.in link based on a search in Facebook is at 9:18 a.m on March 26. In all probabilities, this is the website where this fake news originated.-------- The next task was to find out who owns this website. Most operating systems provide a tool called ‘whois’ which is a command line tool which helps one determine the ownership of a website (domain). As it turns out, the owner of newspur.in, Subhash Chaudhary, owns atleast 2 other domains namely sanatansanskriti.org and dainikhindu.org.-----------So, why does Subhash Chaudhary have to run these fake news/information portals? What is the inspiration? Apparently, it is the advertisement money that he gets out of his websites. We found the link to Subhash Chaudhary’s Facebook profile on his website newspur.in => https://www.facebook.com/aslisubhash. His profile says that he’s an active member of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, Bajrang Dal and VHP. So, for Rs 16,000 a month, this young boy is running a fake news/information industry which is pushing fake news to lakhs of people.

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