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Thank goodness you don't have social media Bc I would be dead if u saw this lol butttt thank god I have a mother who raised me to have such a generous caring outing going personality . And day to day shows me what being strong is all about ! Love you Nancy gal! Happy birthday mommy , there's no one in this world who's like ya 💛 #Istoned


The one, the only @theoriginaljessicarabbit_420 sporting the "baitape" tip there can only ever be one Jessica rabbit 🐵💚🐰 I know this spotlight is for Jess but I want to thank you all for the support and more so putting up with me when I seem a bit crazy 🙈 I'm only APE after all and we all get a bit crazy at times I'm blunt and very out spoken I don't mean anybody any harm it's all love people 🤷🏻‍♀️
Ps it's Friday 😁 why not go and treat yourself to some new baitape tips, they are really good @theoriginaljessicarabbit_420 said in fact I asked if they still cool and she said yes 🙌🏻 the girl who smokes more than most guys said YES 🐵
I've still broke the web page 😂 so follow the link in my bio.
#baitape #UKGG #B8APE #jessicarabbit_420




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