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It seems like everyone loves this lens. Unfortunately I don't have any time to go out and shoot with it. Do you also face situations where you don't have any time to go out and shoot?

This is a very compact point and shoot camera, but is classified as a high end, professional grade rangefinder. The Klasse is only sold in Japan and was first released in 2001. Then a few years later they upgraded it to the Klasse S and Klasse W. The latter has a slightly wider lens.
The Klasse has a highly regarded 38mm f/2.6 lens. The camera can be used as a simple point and shoot in P mode, or there is an aperture priority mode with aperture settings ranging from f/2.6 to f/16 in full stop increments. Normally the camera works in auto focus mode but this can also be overridden, allowing the user to set the focus point manually. Other functions include AE bracketing and EV comp, as well as bulb and slow shutter speeds, a shutter timer, and a variety of strobe settings.

new this girl is very very good condition, its like 98%new,
the lens is perfect cleaning,no scratches, no haze, no fungus.
with case.

If you interested and have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.
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Dear film photographers!

Rollei Vario Chrome 135-36 is a medium to high-speed color reversal film that is intended for photography under low-level daylight illumination or under other light sources using proper filtration. Rollei Vario Chrome has a medium degree of sharpness, its image results are characterized by a slightly visible grain and a warmish image tone.

As the name of the film suggests it has a broad exposure latitude from 200 to 400 ISO (DX coded at 320 ISO). If you intend to project the slides we suggest to shoot the film at 200 ISO whereas 320-400 ISO is preferable for scanning applications.

Pre-sale will start next week on Monday July 3rd. We expect the supplies to arrive in week 28 so that we'll be able to start shipping between July 10th and 14th.

We hope you'll like the film as much as we do and thank you all for the support.

The #nikonf3 is one of Nikon's best manual focus 35mm film cameras! Try out this amazing camera by renting it at filmobjektiv.org !

Hi, guys! Had lot of work this week, so no posts. But tomorrow I'll taking over @artingoutloud and we will talk about some of my step on analog way. Tell me which sides of film photography you want to discuss in comments, and of course join our conversation on @artingoutloud tomorrow! Any feedback appreciated, community first)


Crazy long exposure of the night sky shot on some Provia 400X slide film that has been pushed to 3200 speed. Shot at tioman island. #payabeach #night #slidefilm #astrophotography #provia400x #provia #istillshootfilm #filmisnotdead #slidefilm #nikonF4 #fujifilm

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