Cheers to the people we left 🍻

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No horizon #isthisametaphor

At last, the sweatshirt is MINE! It took 3 days with the seller, whose negotiation tactics were of mockery, and mine of relentlessness to land this gem. On our first encounter when I asked for a (very) steep discount, she followed me down the street yelling “cheap! cheap! go make the money and come back!” while waiving her arms in the air. On the fourth visit, I obtained but not unscathed— I was asked if I was a flight attendant bc “you look like a flight attendant with that scarf around your neck”— and that was not said inquisitively. When I returned to my nest, I came back to feel love from this cat named Butters who told me her two cents was that the sweatshirt wasn’t worth more than two cents. #isthisametaphor

LET'S TALK ABOUT HOW GOOD THIS SPREAD IS, okay? So good. I love how the mask card literally goes over the secret identity card.

1. Secret Identity - The Sun. Yes, as it turns out, I am not a terrifying creature of the night. I am a SOLAR creature (of TERROR). But really, yeah, while I am a self tortured artiste and all, I'm also fundamentally way more perky than I usually let on. This is on purpose. Why should you get all my light, stranger?

2. Mask - Queen of Cups. I love the connection here--from sun to sun bathing at the beach. In a bikini. Adorned with bracelets. If you don't recognize me as me here, idk what to tell you, dude. Emotions! Performing feminity! Dressing like a bimbo because it's a litmus test for who is an obvious asshole or not! Even the cute little tuck of those feet--yes hello, it is me, it is I, all dreamy and artsy and with my glasses askew. You know me. You're here, aren't you?

3. Superpower - King of Cups. Yes, at my best, I'm wise about my own emotions and yours, too, and I act and advise accordingly. Look at those beady little red eyes! Trust but nah trust, brah. Staying a king is tricky business. Self knowledge is self regulation is self discipline is the key to becoming the best version of yourself. Your friends should be so lucky as to have all your capacity for strategy available.

4. Weakness - Queen of Wands, reversed. Oh yeah. Look at her, tearing off her arm for you! She's just SO HELPFUL. She's given you so much and oh wait, wait? You did what? Bitch is gonna burn your damn house down. But only after yelling at you first. Fire, fire, fire. Life saving! Vital to human evolution! Comforting! Also sometimes burns your house down.

5. Ally - Knight of Wands. IDK ARE YOU MY SIDEKICK WHO TF ARE YOU? ??? #isthisametaphor

6. Nemesis - The Star, reversed. Hahah...so. the fun thing about reading #tarot long enough? You get your own meanings, your own associations, your own nuances. You also get some screamingly obvious and consistent pairings. I know exactly who this is, and I pulled just this card, just this way, for and about them countless times, from the first reading I ever did for them. "Bitch, we TOLD you!" I know, I know.

Freshly bleached sink... Removing the scum in my life 😉
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Update: I did it. Not shown: the long time I stood at the top of the cliff, thinking about it. Sound on for an extra special treat of Mom and @katereil encouraging me. #30by30 #isthisametaphor

She's mad but she's magic, there's no lie in her fire. ~Charles Bukowski
She has a right to her anger, she doesn't require validation from anyone & she's still beautiful. Interesting, intelligent, feared,sparkling,strong , fierce, ebbing & flowing , wet & coming in waves ( yes, I said that) its art! She is not just a drop, she is whole. Even her subtle nuances are captivating, you can see her beginning but not her end, she is #limitless & #powerful, she doesn't change her tides for sailors, her scent is memories, she is mysterious, wild & free. #thalassophile #rainydayatthebeach #beauty#isthisametaphor #goodvibesthough #quotes #newhampshire #theatlantic

Picture on the right: Right after I saw Batman V Superman.
Picture on the left: the same day the new Aquaman poster came out.
Coincidence? I think not
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The Plath Of Least Resistance

When your stress baking makes you more stressed. Alas, poor arrowroot flour, I hardly knew you
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Sometimes we don’t appreciate what’s right in front of us...
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Just thinking; be back in 10.

Back Home #IsThisAMetaphor / Don’t Forget Lessons Learned

BIG GOALS: Staying positive when the clouds open up and greet you with torrential sheets of rain and wind.

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