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Comment "good night" in your language 🌛

Brunette or blonde?

I feel very inspired today by some amazing ladies I follow (hello @alexisclairefit and @kendy_wendy). Both of them have brought up the importance of speaking out about big issues because we have the platform to do so, and creating more productive and meaningful conversations about what's going on in our world.
Of course educating about fitness, nutrition, etc is important because that's what people come to fitness pages for. But, it is also okay and important to educate on issues going on in our world as well.
As I have mentioned in previous posts, I never want to make my page about just one thing. I strive everyday to be a more well-rounded and educated individual and would love to bring more of that to my page. Quite frequently my boyfriend and I talk about politics, conspiracy theories, and other topics that don't even make it on the news and it blows my mind how unaware some people are of the things going on in our world.
With all that being said...go click the link in mah bio for something I feel very strongly about :) #nodapl #waterislife #istandwithstandingrock

Oceti Sakowin in all her glory the morning of December 4th. What an unforgettable experience, still Standing with Standing Rock always and forever ! I never shared this video hope you enjoy 😊 #istandwithstandingrock #mniwiconi #waterislife #ocetisakowin

@ginew_usa + @land_boys + @jungmaven released their Water Protector shirt - 100% of proceeds go to help legal aid for Water Protectors fighting the DAPL. Link in @ginew_usa profile. .
#standingrock #nodapl #waterprotectors #istandwithstandingrock #northdakota
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The second night at Bass Center was emotional so I went with a big heart opener, reversed warrior with cow face arms.

Brunette or blonde?

Comment "good night" in your language 🌛

Day 247. Oh, the beaurocratic bushwhacking that preceded this. #immigrantswelcome #congratulations

My final project "skin walker" also inspired supporting #istandwithstandingrock I symbolize my chest peace for them 👊🏼showing I support them on N7 @taboo 👊🏼

Day 246. Here we go again: #healthcare

Please, if you want to dress up as a Native American for Halloween, get hosed down in the middle of winter, pepper sprayed, and attacked by German shepherds to get the full experience... #NoDAPL #istandwithstandingrock ✊🏼

Everything you need to work to ensure white supremacists (one in particular) are treated like the criminals they are. No need to follow the link, just dial the number and remind them this man assaulted a woman with a weighted glove, and one state is all set to prosecute them. It's not a good look to not request extradition. #goodnightaltright

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