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This hurts me so much but lets talk.

Please, repost.
I think I'm in the right mood to talk about this now.
#1. Who is badoo?
#2. Who gave these people the rights to do these continuously?
#3. Why is the police taking this guy away alone, instead of arresting few of these guys?
Alright, wtf is badoo? Who do hell are they? An adage in yoruba says, if there's no hole in the wall, a lizard can't come in. These angry mob or whatever they call them, keep harassing strangers when 50% of them is even a member of this cult. Nobody knows your home like you, you are the ones that knows where there is olode(local security) and where you can escape through. I stand to be quoted anywhere, if they want to catch these badoo crew, these mighty zeal they use in harassing people, and killing innocent souls, they should keep watch at night!! Take turns, watch houses not streets for ppl that their cars are broken down.
Secondly, nobody is coming from outside to do these things, it's from the inside, watch your waterfronts
Furthermore, Nigerian police, as much as I try not to talk down you guys and the kind of job you do, sometimes you amaze me. Yesterday was the cry of an innocent soul killed, instead of picking one or two of these guys today, you are taking the suspect away from them, you are saying ppl should walk around with valid ID, so, my new maid now, needs to have a valid ID? LASRA is available to all, same as national ID card, so which ID are you talking about? that is called giving power to these mobs, that's the truth. If you can't protect innocent ppl, who will?
Lastly, the #istandwith people, before gunman kills three in Manchester, you'll start with #istandwith one thing, fire outbreak in Gaza, #istandwith, let's assume the northerners and boko haram are sorting themselves, what about this one, ikorodu here o, ikorodu in Lagos or you think because you live in your glass houses, you are safe?

We understand our freedom wears a costly tag. We believe our humble duty is to stand in the gap for the families who have paid for it. This noble mission, is only made possible by the generosity of patriots all across our nation. The need is great. Will you stand with us? Text ‘USA’ to 36413
#ISTANDWITH #proudpatriot

Happy New Month yll . . . # ringtheBeLL # Egogo @onetouch17 x @official_ag_silimi coming Audio and Video hits you soon . . .#iStandwith @official2baba #speakOutANDactWithAnyMeansUGatREFUSEtoDieINsilence

#Istandwith Joho🖤

Whose report do you believe? :
Many have pitched their tents with #ApostleSuleman a revered man of God, while others feel #stephanieotobo could be saying the truth. :
The media is confused and no one wants to become too involved in the case. :
There are already hash tags of #istandwith... Who do you stand with? While we wait for the big revelation from the highest authority. :

@Regrann from @call_me_hefe - @Regrann from @dhoney5 - If condoms can be shared free and even sold at an affordable price then why can't sanitary pads be shared too, why cant pads be sold at an affordable price... Should our girls be exposed to different infections due to their inability to afford quality sanitary towels???
@Regrann from @tommybells - This is a movement concerning girls. We want the the government and makers of sanitary towels to reduce the prices of sanitary towels if it can not be made free
Tag people who need to see this
#istandwith Nigeria
#ReduceThePriceOfSanitaryTowels - #regrann - #regrann

Proud to wear this in support of @foldsofhonor! God bless our armed forces & their families. #istandwith


My heart goes out to #barcelona #Istandwith

...or bigots, or racists, or bullys, or misogynists no matter what kind of "powerful" position they hold. #istandwith
#lovetrumpshate #womensmarch #aclu #blacklivesmatter #heatherheyer #charlottesville #stlouis #philandocastile
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Our DESIGNS are created with the intent to express issues people are passionate about and help give them the ability to let their voices be heard without saying a word.. #bestrong #pinklove #pinkpower #havefaith #love #survivor #womenpower #findacure #fightcancerwithstyle #figher #cancer #faith #womenunited #augest21st #mytshirtspeaks #powerinnumbers #istandwith #lovematters

4 tháng trước cái ngày buồn như shit nhưng toàn cười 😎 #staystrong #Istandwith #TS #HB #TL #AQ #Go #summer #Bff #F5

An so it came!!!
I'm ready for August 23rd, I'm repping Kaepernick, to the fullest!!
#AnInjusticeToOne is an #InjusticeToAll
#IStandWith #TheManBehindThe #Movement
#NoKaep #Then #NoNationalFoolsLeague

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