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The Woman Behind This Chair Will Demand for Respect & Continue to Grind & Thank God Everyday. #staytuned #razorbehavior #staytuned #istandalone

BadAzz Till Tha Death Of Me...@officialboosieig #turnupsesson #bossup #istandalone link In Bio

✨ R E A L I T Y I S W R O N G, D R E A M S R 4
R E A L ✨ ‼️ #YNS™ CEO
#RipDad #RipUnc

It was too hot for a car show but we went to show some impala love #istandalone #NCbuilt

🎙interviewd GLIM SPANKY
最新作『I STAND ALONE』がとにかくかっこよくてサイケでノイジーで痺れる!!ただ、これはGLIM SPANKYの世界の‪“奥”に続く道への、まだ第一歩らしい?!
#fm802 #802lnem #GLIMSPANKY #ISTANDALONE #interviewonfm802

Full-time..No days off ! 10min breaks WITH interruptions, no room for fuck ups ..Nobody to relieve me..No sick days..But the pay is all worth it #iStandAlone #unconditionallove

Sırada sinema dünyasının aykırı yapımlarından biri var. Dışlanmış ve yalnızlığa terk edilmiş bir bireyin hayatını odak noktasına alan film, şok edici finali ve alışılmışın dışında senaryosu ile rahatsız eden filmler kategorisinde yerini almıştır.
⚫️Yapım: Fransa / 1998
🔴İmdb derecelendirmesi: 7,5
🔵Yönetmen: Gaspar Noe


Living the California Lowrider lifestyle in good old North Carolina, I'm all about that life ....#istandalone #NCbuilt

Some of today's rides #NCbuilt #istandalone

It was too hot for a car show but we went to show some impala love #istandalone #NCbuilt

🎶I Stand Alone!🎶 this lone stalk of marsh grass is channeling its inner Godsmack fan. Ok maybe it's just me. #wetlands #marshgrass #pleasurehousepoint #istandalone #godsmack #naturenoedit #naturephotography #virginiabeach #nature #plants #nature #naturelovers #nikond500 #nikonphotography

Very powerful words. When you have a job to do, have given your word to do it, and are committed to doing the best you can to fulfill that promise, it's hard to watch the cared for walk away or refuse to walk with you, especially when you know the inevitable future. However, no one can force anyone to see the perils of choices that will drastically affect the future when those blinded and made deaf by those choices are poisoned by the issues in the past, enamored by the instant gratification of the present, and simply refuse to change and try a different and more logical approach for the future. Made even harder is the need to admit that you've done all you can and yet allow them to walk into the peril that awaits, and even more still watch it silently unfold and know that you are powerless to affect the impending danger that is coming. But perhaps most painful of all is the knowledge that deep down, the person walking away or choosing the wrong path often knows better, knows the decisions and action he or she takes has already shown signs of detriment, and yet they foolishly continue down a path of inevitable failure because of pride and the unwillingness to simply say "I am wrong." This leads to endless excuses or laying blame on everyone and everything else but no accountability for their own actions and words. I can only move on in hopes that they will understand when I no longer am the same person I once was to them, it's not because I no longer care or because they are bad people. It's simply because we have both gone too far down separate paths and I cannot allow the perils their choices have manifested to affect the positive outcome of my choices. We both must now be stronger than ever. Them to accept that their failure is of their own accord, and me to allow them to stay there and let whatever is their destiny to be just that. God help us both. 🙏🏾 #istandalone

Never did it for them, always did it for myself #iStandAlone #allMoneyIn #theMarathonStore

In the Bearcave at it again! Now THIS is how I like it. Slap City so hard it knocks your headphones off! Even 33 pounds lighter still stronger than before. Ass 2 Grass and pause for the cause on the last one. We play no games in the cave!
#istandalone #fuckexcuses #noexcuses #noexception #noshirtsummer #averagesucks #ass2grass #bearcave #brothersofdestruction #gymlife #gym #squats #getthatwork #getrightorgetleft #idontdothisforthelikes #motivation #exceptionalornothing

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