For once, great news out of Germany...let’s face it, Europe in general! Thousands of people from all faiths took to the streets nationwide to march against growing concerns of antisemitism. The marchers all wore kippas to show support ♥️ We applaud all those who took part in this march! Thank you, Germany! #fightantisemitism

Repost By @california_libertarian: "Regrann from @el_gatito1r - #Israeli soldiers preventing medics from helping injured #Palestinians . This goes against international law."

@freedom_faction - Do we live in dangerous times? It depends who you ask: To a neo-Hobbesian like Steven Pinker we’ve never lived more safely in all of human history, but survivors of mass shootings might beg to differ though…

One thing is for sure, and that is the approach to police work has radically changed in the last decades, thanks to modern technology. We have filled our streets with surveillance cameras which will soon be enabled with facial-recognition capabilities. And DNA-testing of evidence gathered at crime scenes is even helping find culprits who might have walked free not too long ago.

All of these tools are useful after a crime has been committed, but the ultimate #holygrail of #crimefighting is to prevent the act before it even happens. Sometimes that can be accomplished through clever investigation that prevents a plot involving several delinquents who have clumsily left a trail to follow –the kind of stuff detective novels deal about. But would it be possible to actually predict a crime, as in a real-life version of #MinorityReport?

Earlier this month an article written by John R. Quain for Digital Trends discussed the work of an #Israeli tech company named #Cortica, which recently partnered with the Indian company Best Group in order to analyze the terabytes of data streaming from CCTV cameras in public areas. Their goal is to improve the safety of public areas by preventing violent crimes such as sexual assault, by way of looking at “behavioral anomalies” that would allegedly signal when someone is about to commit violence against another person.

The software is based on the type of military and government security screening systems that try to identify terrorists by monitoring people in real-time, looking for so-called micro-expressions — minuscule twitches or mannerisms that can belie a person’s nefarious intentions. Such telltale signs are so small they can elude an experienced detective but not the unblinking eye of AI. 🖐🏾More in comments👇🏾#ProjectCenterLane #ProjectGrillflame #ProjectCenterlane #ProjectMKOFTEN #MKOften #Technocracy #SurveillanceState #PoliceState #RealTimeCrime #SocialCreditSystem #PreCrime #1984

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