Inked illustration for a nice Vietnamese cousine somewhere in Berlin. Done for Tigerbeer back in 2017.

A flying Pho Pot Illustration for some nice Vietnamese cousine somewhere in Berlin. Done for Tigerbeer in 2017

Dance my Captain Dance

Good Tea

I like them Lolipops

The otherwise of the Strandbad Weißensee Fridge done last year for Tigerbeer.

Nightscene of Strandbad Weißensee on this Fridge that i did last year for Tigerbeer.

The other Birch wood painting of the fridge

Spicy sports steaks u can see at a restaurant somewhere in troisdorf

i painted a stylited birchwood forest fridge for some nice hotel in munich

A nice mix of Modern and traditional ways of cooking u can find at some nice restaurant in Essen.

Mountains and fields for a chill hotel somewhere in Munich done for @tigerbeer.de

The other side of todays fridge

This painting was done for a vietnamese streetkitchen restaurant somewhere in munich

Todays fridge art is for a nice hotel somewhere in munich :)

The other side of the fridge for a some bar in Munich

One Pho Soup for a nice vietnamese Restaurant somewhere in potsdam :)

Another fridge for a bar somewhere in Munich :)

The otherside of the fridge for a sweet icecream place somewhere in munich

A painting for a Korean barbecue somewhere in Berlin :)

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