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I love the penny horse and so does Isla! She is all about horses and I am able to check out at the store without the stress of her asking for everything on the candy shelves! #shescute #thankskingsoopers #horsebackridergirl #islacaroline

They melt my heart. Both have chaotic personalities.. but sometimes..this. #islacaroline #river #caughtthembeingsweet #shouldhaveseenlastnight

252|366. She is moving again. This time she says the mailman will pick her up. .
#islacaroline #themindfulapproach

I often wonder what's going on behind those bigger than big blue eyes. Her imagination is limitless. It's also a very rare occasion that I see that thumb in her mouth now that's she's four. She never was one to use a pacifier or even her thumb much...but it is such a rare occasion that it is endearing and reminds me of how little she still is. #islacaroline

Her spirit is always impressing me. She has this girliness to her that I can't quite put my finger on. She plays in makeup like this almost on the daily but she will get down and just as dirty as the boys any day. She is the best combination of sugar and spice and tomboy. This...makeup....at 4!!! What on earth will I ever do with her at 14?!?!? .
Does anyone know of a page like @beyondboyhood...but for girls?!? If there isn't one...there sure needs to be 😁
This by the way is my 1st attempt at freelensing and I may be in love with that technique 😍
#islacaroline #journeytoartist #storytellingmama #thesweetlifeunscripted #thesugarjar

These girls are my world! We had such a fantastic weekend with minimal fighting, lots of love, and a new room for them which they love! #mayarose #islacaroline #mygirls

Missing one cause she hates pictures. But this is a fun one! Islas cuteness, Ben's smile. Be still my heart! #lovethem #islacaroline #wannaholdonforever #feelingthefeels

Ready for another day on the waves! Maybe she will be braver today...she's not quite down with the pound yet 😂. Have I mentioned how AH-MAZING it is to vacation where your friends live?

#islacaroline #surfergirl #shorelb #odysseysup ##castinglegends

Lunch on the beach anyone?!?

142|366. This one seems appropriate. Last day of the school year....last of this early morning routine for a couple months....eating breakfast watching cartoons before school. They are growing up way too fast! Lucas graduated kindergarten last night (I don't even know when he got old enough for that!!) and she finished up Pre-K3. How is it you can be so excited by their achievements and yet so sad all at once....total double edged sword....but so proud of the caring kind humble kiddos they are becoming each day! #lucastucker #islacaroline

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