Merci, neige, d’aller voir doucement ailleurs si on y est. ⏩ #kuujjuaq #isitspringyet #nunavikwayoflife

#isitspringyet ...So my lil niece sent me a pic of her wearing the lil dress i got her... lol...looking like a gorgeous spring flower garden. #babydoll #springflowers #babygirls #babyfever #africanbabies #africandolls @hawab93

Counting down to the end of business school with my Kwestie Besties at Lake Irogami🌳

Today the wind was blowing and the weekend was a little hard but making herbal bouquets can always help pick you up and dust you off.
. . .
P.S. Can you tell we like yarrow yet? ;)

Today was A Wash, but also a weird reminder of other more important things to come. So that’s cool? I guess???

Happy Maude, Michigan and Flowers. #raindontmatter #flowers #isitspringyet

Cold morning out and about in Chicago for the 2nd Ward Bike The Ward at the crack of dawn. Think the temp was around 40 at start and when we were finished still in the lower 40 s with rain and huge winds !!! Well that is chicago weather for you. Also, thanks to the 18th district for keeping the streets open for us 💦❄️☁️🌫 @kapcatadventures .
#bikethe2ndward #chicagobikes #chicagobikelife #ridechicago #bikelife #trek #brianhopkins #chicagoalderman #2ndward #2ndwardchicago #18district #18thpolicedistrict #chicagopolice #bikesafty #bicycle #bicycles #bikechicago #isitspringyet #winterisback #chicagoweather #winterinmay #cpd

Mininas tutu pom?!
E a pose de modelo de hoje é pra mostrar meu novo Tênis da @newchic_official “que não tem no 🇧🇷 “ 😂
Vocês tem desconto lá no Site usando o código: coupon15%

Acessa lá o site➡️https://goo.gl/kFZsa9
O link do meu tênis bapho é esse ➡️ https://goo.gl/3FX5ug 😘

Adivinha o que tem hoje às 20h00 no YouTube?!?!
Já ativa lá o sininho 🛎 e programa o despertador aí 😂
Um Maravilhoso domingo pru6 😘

I have lots of dahlia tubers this year, I'm thinking about sharing some.

Anyone interested?

The tubers I can share are:

1 'Arabian Night' - Small dark red flowers, long blooming period. Lots of flowers, too!

2 'Café au lait' - Dinnerplate dahlia with pale beige flowers. Mine doesn't really get pinky tone but still quite a unique colour to have.

3 'Night Butterfly' - Middle sized collarette dahlia with dark red and white petals. Very beautiful, producing a good amount of flowers. Limited quantity.

All of the tubers already have 'eyes' and producing the leaves.

I can only share the tubers to people who can come and pick up at my house at Scarborough South or my work at North York.

Preferably my followers or at least the usual 'likers' to my posts (don't worry, if you are, then I know!) I WILL NOT ship the tuber(s).
Sorry no international shipping, either.

If you're interested, DM me with which variety (or varieties) you're interested in and the date/time if you have preference already.

I will send more info (like the address of my house or work) only via DM.

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