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45 years ago today, Edwin Land and the Polaroid Corporation unveiled the SX-70 camera to the world! By this time, Polaroid had already revolutionized the world of photography but the SX-70 escalated the technology in an unimaginable way. It ushered in the world's very first integral instant film; an instant film that required no attention or work whatsoever after having been taken. You could simply toss it in your pocket and keep moving. With previous generations of Polaroid films prior to this technological leap, photographers would have to time the development of their picture, peel apart the positive from the negative, dispose of the messy chemical-laden papers, sometimes spread another layer of fixing chemistry on the positive, and then wait for the print to dry before being able to stash it anywhere. It took a lot of concentration, time, and care. The SX-70 made shooting instant film truly effortless and changed the very landscape of photography as we know it. Even today, 45 years later, Fuji Instax cameras are the highest selling cameras *in the world*! Instax films, to remind you, are also integral instant films, just like the SX-70. It's a beautiful technology and photographic pleasure that, to this day, still feels..... well, magical. There's really nothing else quite like it. ✨ Here's to another generation's (re)interest in instant photography and to all of the amazing photographers, tinkerers, camera builders, and companies working every day to push the technology even further and keep us having fun. Here's to a lifetime of instant photography! 🎉 #SX70 #EdwinLand #Polaroid

"Don't tell me you're innocent, it insults my intelligence." - Don Michael Corleone #TheGodfather #AlPacino

It will leave you staring at yourself in a brand new light, seeing things you didn’t realize we’re already there or just didn’t want to face.
#kodakfilm #35mm

When will my reflection show, who I am, inside ? w/ @kivglitz @shantellest

Treasure. What's your beloved camera, guys? This one is my best so far) I'm in search for Jupiter-3 for it, that'll be awesome duo.



회사생활에서 배우는건 업무가 아니라,
#홧병득템 #네츄라클래시카 #natruaclassica

young americans, montecito, ca. 2017


Back when @lefty_librarian and I started dating, she bought me a Kodak Six-20 Brownie camera from the 1930s at an antique store we visited. The camera takes 620 film, which is no longer readily available, so it sat on my shelf for a long time as a wonderful memento. A few months ago, I decided to see if I could load a roll of 120 film into it, and was able to make it fit with a little elbow grease! This is the first image from that roll. Due to the larger 120 spool, the film wrinkled as it went through the camera, resulting in the light spots on the images.
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Pecinan. 3/3

Nikon FM2
Apx 400

เลือก #minox35gt #minox

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