I can’t say these stairs didn’t warn me about the impending state of the men’s toilet. First step was an angry bull-goat with shifty eyes. He didn’t scare me enough. Then, a large pig 🐖. As a vegan in a vegan cafe this was the intimate scare tactic but I was desperate for the boys room. Then, the last step was a muscular eagle man with a claw for a hand (I bet most people either wet themselves or turn around at this point). I descended the stairs like a real man, turned the corner and saw the toilet 👀💥. Thankyou for the warnings stairs but I really quite like this toilet. Reminded me of the old pubs in Canterbury 🇬🇧 .

Thin slice of vegetable

Curvy tumblers #shadowandlight #iseefaces

Does it look like a “FACE”? She might say “take time by the forelock...”. #face #looklikeface #seefaces #iseefaces #seetheface #asakusa #building #forelock

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