Los mejores recuerdos de tu vida serán los pequeños momentos que pasas riendo con gente que te importa. 🖤🖤 #friends #happy #happiness #theweddingoftheyear #babyboy #iscoming #unmimadomas #blackandwhite #celebrating #homesweethome #barcelona #lanovia #reflejos #

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This guy right here, I just cant brag on enough. I am blessed beyond my wildest dreams to have a partner in crime like him. When I met him, I had no clue who I was or what direction to take in life. I was broken, young & dumb, getting a divorce & trying to raise a baby girl alone & this guy just flat out loved me. The first guy I got close to that didn’t abuse me and Yall, he made sure I was fed. It seems like such a small thing, but at the time thats what cemented to me that he really did care about me. My well being was important to someone. It was the first of daily “I really am worth it” moments with Frank. Now here we are years later & he has rallied behind US from day 1, he has raised 3 great kids to adulthood and began again with Alli & soon Canaan. He has been in her life for the last 5 years and they’re so much alike, shes not even mine anymore but His 😂 For his birthday on Monday, Alli wrote him a letter telling him all the reasons she loved him and all the ways she knew he loved her. She told him she knew she was his daughter because he was her dad and she wants to have his last name too. He might have cried then & some later. Ya kno, some. 😍 Im looking at her today with her new hair cut and we are gathering the paperwork we need to do this, and Im not seeing this small baby anymore. She is strong and more independent than Id like by a long shot and my God, she knows she is worth it. Thank You Jesus. She doesn’t question it. She knows shes loved and shes worth it & deserves it. Blended families are so hard Yall. Its hard for girls to grow up without their Dads in their lives. I spent so much time worrying about it and here she is all “Well duh, he’s my dad” about it. She loves her sisters and brothers. Theres no StEpS or HaLvEs & Man she loves her Daddy and Y’all, He’s worth it too, every single bit.

“Stop being afraid of what could go wrong and focus on what could go right."
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Muy pronto iniciarás tu día en este nuevo espacio. ¿Estás listo? 🚶🏻‍💜
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