Farewell #interviewmagazine Such an iconic magazine. Tarjei and Henrik are lucky to be a part of such iconic publication with so much history. Also, I wanna talk about Tarjei here. Tarjei has an exquisite face and you cannot find a person who looks like him, so I'm so glad @the_fridamarklund captured his uniqueness so well. He is a chameleon. By attitude and by looks. I'm so grateful we got these amazing photographs that captured his #enaffĂŚre look, he looks great. I also apprecoate Trey Taylor, the man that made this happen.
Ps: kudos to fan artists who are inspired to draw him. I get it. He is a wonderkid. #tarjeisandvikmoe

Ps: the last photo is not appreciated enough. It's my FAVE tarjei photo EVER. possibly one of my fave photos, ever. that is art. Ok byeeee

Happy birthday to my little angel🌈💓

24th of may🌞❤

I can't hardly breathe
ac lacunasedits | #euphxricgrp

. I hope he gets what he wants this year. That is, getting to spend his free time apart from all the work he is commited to, with friends and without fans stalking by his school and his neighborhood

Happy birthday to this little bean who, as much as I’m living for it, needs to stop growiNG UP

— ⛈🦋 —
holy shit.. it’s really tarjei’s birthday. wow! - happy birthday tarjei, our beautiful young man, you’re nineteen, a year older. you’re such an inspiration and sometimes i don’t think you realize it at all, you’ve given us so much without you even knowing. i know you like to keep your life private and honestly, i don’t blame you. with your success, you’re practically followed around everywhere which is sucky but that is the price of being known. — i hope you know that we love you, i know you don’t have social media so you don’t really get to see all of the stuff we say about you in this fandom which most certainly kills me because you have no clue how much we love you unless we meet you and express that to you but i really really do hope that you know how we are blessed and happy to know who you are and what you’ve accomplished! we love you, happy birthday babe! 💘🦋

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