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Yes I emptied my fridge, yes it was very cramped, and yes The light was bright as hell in my eyes. But I did this for the art, and I'm happy how it turned out. Let me know what ya think! Want some new free tunes? Go check out #HWLMI or #SNAZZY on my youtube,(link in bio).
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New Music
Couple new albums and mixtapes to check out this week...
Paranoia 2 by Dave East

November by SiR

For My Fans by Fetty Wap

Aren't U Glad You're U by Domo Genesis
The Dave East new project off first listen is better than the prequel, November proves TDE has an ear for talent outside of bars, and haven't checked the last two yet but always good to hear from Domo.
What new music you gonna be bumping this week?

I found this on Tumblr, don't ask why 😂😂😂

My favorite song by Kendrick Lamar, without a doubt, is “u”. This song captures all sorts of feelings and emotions that Lamar deals with. He discusses his problems such as depression and him not being able to love and appreciate himself. I feel like the main idea of this song is his struggle with self love. He repeats “Loving you is complicated” many times, which is Lamar talking to himself about his struggle with self love. He blames himself throughout this song, saying “I know depression is restin' on your heart for two reasons n***a”. He puts hate on himself by stating “No you ain't shit, you say you love them, I know you don't mean it”. This is Lamar blaming himself for not being there for his friends and family when he is away. Another point made in this song is Lamar blaming himself for not being there for a loved one before their passing. He also discusses how when he’s on the road or on tour, he has everything he wants, such as women, drugs, and alcohol, but when he goes back to Compton, with his friends and family living in rough situations, reality strikes. He is sad and uncomfortable with the fact that his friends and family are unable to get out of Compton. On the closing line Kendrick lamar says “The world'll know money can't stop a suicidal weakness”. This line explains how Kendrick tries to numb his pain with money, but it doesn’t work, he is still depressed. He’s saying that no matter how much money you have, it won’t make you a truly happy person. This is one of my favorite lines from To Pimp A Butterfly. It’s so heavy and powerful. In conclusion, this song is incredibly meaningful to me. The way Kendrick Lamar puts together all of his problems into one song leaves me astonished.

What’s your opinion on Speedin’ Bullet 2 Heaven?

Ok so I know before I start this write up it’s going to get a lot of hate but this an unpopular opinion that I want to share. Speedin’ Bullet 2 Heaven is Kid Cudi’s 5th studio album and one if not the most hated album of the decade, at least in the hip-hop community. As we known, Kid Cudi is a hip-hop artist but Speedin’ Bullet 2 Heaven was far from being a hip-hop album. Speedin’ Bullet 2 Heaven was Cudi’s idea of a dark alternative rock album. Nearly everyone that I know hates this album and right about now is where the hate should start to kick, I find joy in Speedin’ Bullet 2 Heaven and find it to be a pretty good album. You are probably thinking what the hell is wrong with me but being someone that grew up listening a lot to rock seeing an artist from a completely different genre crossing over is bold. Being a fan of rock this album was very simplistic but in a good way. The guitar riffs and other instrumentals such as the drums weren’t a wow factor but the simplicity of any guitar riffs are a refreshing sound for me. The lyrics are very dark with reoccurring topics of suicide and not fitting into society. Everything about this album makes it a perfect album I can vibe to late at night. I listen to Speedin’ Bullet 2 Heaven very little but when I do it makes me really glad Kid Cudi made this album. The Beavis and Butt-Head skits are nothing short of awful and hurt this album but I just skip right over them, besides that I don’t see much wrong with the album. Some say that the production was all over the place but in a way I feel that it adds to the album’s character. I don’t expect anyone to agree with me but Speedin’ Bullet is a pretty good album personally. I wouldn’t want Kid Cudi to make another album anything like this ever again but I feel this album has some unique perks to it that make me happy an album like this materialized. I give it a 6/10, I don’t see many people liking this album but if you have an open mind and enjoy more than just hip-hop you may just find enjoyment in Speedin’ Bullet To Heaven.

is it just me or are old people getting dumber and dumber

fuck nike

#JoeyBadass celebrates his 23rd birthday today @joeybadass

What’s an album you have outgrown as you got older?

For me the album I have outgrown the most is Kanye West’s third album, Graduation. When I first got into rap by far my favorite Kanye album was Graduation. On this album Kanye strayed away from the soul production and took a left field approach with this album. Right when we thought Kanye was just hip-hop mixed with soul exclusively he changed everting from his look down to his sound. As we all know Graduation is a pop, techno overall more mainstream approach to rap with commercial success in tracks Stronger and Flashing Lights. Everything album this album was ahead of it’s time, from the electronic synthesizers to the at the time abnormal of a rock artist in Chris Martin from Coldplay featured on a rap album. Nowadays these things are far from odd. In Graduation Kanye helped create a new sound/wave of rap and at the same time reinvented himself for the first time of many.

With all this greatness it makes sense that a younger me loved this album for it’s mainstream sound. Like I said it was my favorite Kanye album for the longest time. Now as my taste broadened and strayed away from the pop sound of Graduation I found that many tracks were not what they used to be to me. Today songs like Drunk and Hot Girls, Flashing Lights, Champion along with others are very average and haven’t aged great. At this point of my life I find Graduation far from amazing but instead just “good”. It’s definitely the Kanye album I get the least amount of play time out of at the age of 17. Still though this was the first Kanye album I ever listened too and tracks like Goodmornig, Goodlife, and Homecoming will always be some of my favorite Kanye West songs. Times change and so do music tastes.

Thoughts on “Scary Hours”? 😈 Which track do you like more? #drake •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••
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