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"Get God on the phone, said it won’t be long, I see jiggaboos, I see styrofoams my hood going brazy, Where did we go wrong?"
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i've been wakin' the spirits of millions more to come
a million illegally downloaded my truth over the drums
i believe in the children, listen to the kids, bro
if the phone ringin', go and get your kids ho
brother don muhammad told the minister about the presentation
he sat back and smiled
black on black lies is worse than black on black crime
the jews share their truth on how to make a dime
most black men couldn't balance a checkbook
but buy a new car, talkin' 'bout "how my neck look?"
well... it all looks great
four hundred years later, we buyin' our own chains
the light is before us brothers, so the devil workin' hard
real family stick together and see through the mirage
the smokescreens, perceptions of false reality
who the real owner if your boss gets a salary?
i am one with the people

Here's something super creative and dope:
❎ Reddit user jasonFloats made this artwork poster of Kendrick Lamar, made entirely out of pure K.Dot lyrics. Can you spot your favorite line πŸ‘€πŸ.
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Do you prefer

2011-2013 Kendrick or
2014-2017 Kendrick? Music and personality wise

What's the last song you wanna hear before you die..?

What's your favorite Mac Song? At the moment its Funeral for me


Did y'all really forget this heat? @kendricklamar & @kingpush should definitely collaborate more on tracks. This was a sleeper πŸ•Š

Snippet of the new instrumental added to my catalog. Visit link in the bio.

The view

' I came, I saw, I conquered, I shot you down,

@isaiahrashad πŸ™πŸ½ #isaiahrashad #tde

And y'all didn't tell me about this nigga!!! πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ™ŒπŸ½ #isaiahrashad #cilviademo #sza #jayrock #tde #topdogentertainment #westcoast

"Sweep you off your feet like Ryu in the corner"


Let's say Kendrick never released TPAB, so he just has GKMC so far, then he released DAMN while also not releasing untitled unmastered, and let's also say Kendrick took off the songs LOVE and GOD off DAMN (2 of the most hated tracks) With TPAB not being in his discography, does that change how you view him on an all time list?
Bruh, ya boi spent hours coming up with this question, I hope to god no one else had this idea because I finally brought something original to the community

Fiend (quick 16) on soundcloud now #isaiahrashad #tde #remix

Thoughts On The Album? Have you heard it?
Have you not? Let me know in the comments below
Ok Computer raised my standard of music in general sooooo high. Because of this album, the bar for music is wayyyyyy up there. This is the perfect album, and I'm not just talking about rock, I'm talking about in general, THIS IS THE PERFECT ALBUM. This is God level shit right here. The person I was before and after listening to this album are 2 different people, pre-ok Computer me was afraid to listen to certain types of music, post-ok computer me wanted to listen to everything, and fuck stuff my head with as much music as possible, no matter what genre. Ok Computer isn't just an album, its indescribable in a way, it's a triumphant work of art and a testament to how creative the human mind can be. This is artistic and musical creativity at its peak. Thom Yorke, Johnny Greenwood, Colin Greenwood, Ed O Brien, Phil Sellway<---- those 5 dudes changed my life. From 'Airbag' which is a gripping song and a perfect introduction to this world of OK Computer to 'The Tourist' which is one of the most tear jerking and beautiful closers ever, Radiohead created a formula for greatness. A formula only they could use to its full capacity.
This album is really from another planet bruh, just listen to 'Paranoid Android', it sounds so beautifully strange, and the structure of the song is absolutely perfect. The theme of technological paranoia is a frightening one and a shows the foreshadowing nature of this album. The fears Thom Yorke talks about on this album are some of this things present in the world today, I hate to sound clichΓ© but "the robots" are taking over, and the world is becoming less human. A frightening theme carried out through OK computer. There's also a certain angst and frustration with his surroundings that Thom writes about, which is definitely relatable.

My 2nd Favorite Album Of All Time Is My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy by Kanye West!!!!!!
Thoughts On The Album? Have you heard it?
Have you not? Let me know in the comments below
This is Kanye's magnum opus and probably my favorite rap album ever. This album was the biggest "I told you so" album ever, bruh Kanye dropped this a year after the Taylor Swift, and if you was a Kanye hater before this album, then you'd really have to be a hating ass negative ass bitch to hate him after this album. This is a Hip Hop Masterpiece at its fullest, at its maximum. You could think about the perfect rap album right now then put on MBDTF right now and it would be everything you dreamed of. This album is an epic, a triumph, it's legendary, its bigger than life.
Bruh Ye really set out to make a masterpiece with this album. The entire process with the suits, flying out to Hawaii, the different artists on different floors working on different songs at the same time, I can't even imagine the ultra-creative atmosphere that must have been present in those studios. Ye brought it some of the best of the best and the all stars for this album like Kid Cudi, Q-Tip, Jay-Z, Swizz Beats, BeyoncΓ©, Raekwon, Elton John, Justin Vernon, RZA, Mike Dean, NO ID, Mos Def, AND THATS ONLY A FEW. Bruh if you a fan of music, a lineup like that is a wet dream.
From the RZA and Ye produced 'Dark Fantasy' which is like the best opener ever, to the riveting and emotion evoking 'Lost In The World'. It's a ride you won't wanna get off. Bruh when I finished this album for the 1st time, the 1st thing I did was run that bitch back. It's a free thrill, you can literally have one of the best experience of your life by just putting MBDTF on, on some speakers or your headphones (or wherever you listen to music). This album solidified Kanye Omari West as the greatest hip hop artist of all time, every talent and skill Kanye has was demonstrated at it's maximum capability on this album.

My 3rd Favorite Album Of All Time Is Blonde by Frank Ocean!!!!!
Thoughts On The Album? Have you heard it?
Have you not? Let me know in the comments below
We made it to the top 3. Blonde by Frank Ocean, this album is like something out of a dream. Like a vivid dream, feels like you're dreaming but you're compete aware you're in this beautiful glistening world Frank Ocean has created with this album. The lead up to Blonde was one of the wildest rides of my life, not only the things related to the album, but also things going on in my life, it was a very transitionary time period, where things in my life seemed to be going from night to day, things were perfect. And this album dropped during the peak of perfection, summer 2016. I remember being with my friends and LITERALLY dropping to the floor when I saw that it had dropped, I was in shock, cuz the wait was sooooo long 😩 And the wait was completely worth it.
Blonde not only proved to be the best album of the year, but one of the best albums of the decade, century, and all time. Every song on here is classic level quality. Starting with the nocturnal 'Nikes' which is one of the best written songs I've ever heard, tbh all these songs are some of the best written songs I've ever heard. Then 'Ivy', oh 'Ivy', my heart literally sunk, the lonely nostalgia and the gorgeous guitar chords, it's a flawless song, "we'll never be those kids again" really resonated with me because that summer felt like my last summer as a "kid", the last care free time of my life, depressing but beautiful. 'Pink + White' is fucking blissful, like walking through a field of flowers on a sunny day, and everything just smells so good and everything around you is shining, bliss, pure bliss.

Song: Sing About Me, I'm Dying Of Thirst
Heat Index: 99Β°
#SongOfTheDay is Sing About Me by Kendrick Lamar. To me this is honestly one of the best songs ever made, over 12 minutes of run time and not one line wasted. Lyrics A+, message A+, production A+, chorus A+, every aspect is nearly perfect. The way Kendrick uses the real life stories of people around him to deliver a positive message and explain the roots of his theology continues to amaze me. It's the epitome of what Kendrick masters on GKMC which is mixing elements of gangsta rap with conscious rap to get the best out of both styles. For me this is simply the best song of the '10s.
Also for those who know what I'm referring to the first time I listened to this masterpiece I had legit shivers when the first verse ended, like damn.

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