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I just made a simple Branding Board for myself! What do you think??

總之呢我要說 我當時真的很不健康 而且很沒自信
我一開始常常胃痛但我都不管他 卻沒來由的變胖
後來我去看了減重科 但醫生卻說要照胃鏡
照了才知道自己早就胃出血了 我自己都被嚇歪了

總之健康的生活很重要 要愛惜自己的身體
我現在的後遺症就是一輩子了 是很痛苦的

還好我終於找到了健康生活的方式 現在開始努力💙

#isagenix #staryourlife #isagenixlife

Lots of cardio today. Some depth broad jumps into 200m runs for 6 sets this morning at the track and then row 3 minutes, rest 3 minutes, 3 rounds 10 burpees, 30-40-50 double understanding; rest 3 minutes row 3 minutes ( on break 4 strict HSPU every 90 seconds) then assault bike 3 minutes, 2 rounds 15 burpees, 60 double unders, rest 3 minutes , bike 3 minutes ( finish up with 4 HSPU every 90 seconds for 5 sets). Interesting to see how much double unders spike the heart rate even though they are all smooth and unbroken. #PolarV800 #isabodychallenge #isagenixlife #500deadsub6minutemile

Nothing is more delicious than I strawberry isagenox shake 👌🏼 #bliss #isagenix #isagenixlife #strawberryshake #delicious ✌🏼

Super yummy shakes- meal replacement super foods 🌿🤸‍♂️‼️ I crave these babies believe it or not.. I don't crave sweets like I use to. My favorite is the Dutch Chocolate 🍫.. YUM #betterwithage #lifeisgood #nutritiongoals #greens🌿 #isagenixlife

Icelandic yogurt with strawberries and chia seeds, great way to end the day #cleantreats #isagenixlife #fitmom

Great start to my 'day off'- loving this company that provides me with #healthynutrition ✅ great support ✅ and thoughtful recognition ✅ #isagenixlife #truththursday #joinme💚


Sometimes you don't realize something 'til you're right in the middle of it, both good and bad...take the chance, make the change #youreworthit ✨💚✨ #transformationtuesday 💚#isagenixlife 💚 #whatsholdingyouback 💚

Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out - www.LouisZeus.com

Are you committed? I love the gym and for two long months I didn't enjoy it 'cause "I didn't have time..." but I realized that I just have to organize my schedule... so today I committed! And I star today #28days #newhabit #4amgym ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Realmente estás comprometido? Amo el gimnasio y por dos meses no lo he disfrutado porque "no tenía tiempo" pero me di cuenta que realmente solo necesitaba organizar mis horarios! Y hoy estoy comprometida! Con mis metas y con mi cuerpo! Hoy empiezo 28 días para formar un nuevo hábito! Thanks @alexipanos you're an inspiration!

Eating chocolate and loosing weight yay 😋 #isagenix #isagenixlife #isalife #isabodychallenge #NewZealand #chocdecadence

I just made a simple Branding Board for myself! What do you think??

Wishing you all an awesome day (and night) wherever you are in the world. Tag a friend to wish them well today. ✨

It's the start of a new week. A perfect time to get onboard with Isagenix. Today the products arrived and I cannot wait to use them!!! The goal is health and wealth and these products are the tool to a new lifestyle!

How happy do you CHOOSE to be? Do you agree with this???

Quick good snack on the go 🤙😏 #FitLife #WholeFoodsLife #IsagenixLife

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