I love 💕 that I can work from anywhere. Today I am working globally from my laptop in my home office and having a blast! There are so many amazing things taking place!!! Are you ready to live your best life?

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Enjoyed last night with a bunch of fantastic people.

Do you?

Discussion Question: This quote is from "The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership, by John Maxwell. How can this be applied to Network Marketing? How do you raise up people for your inner circle? ~ This was the topic of our FB Live today: Facebook Group: Replay: MLM Lunchtime Leadership Show

Catch the replay of today’s MLM Lunchtime Leadership Show, on the Facebook group of the same name: Number 12 of the 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership by John Maxwell

I’m pretty sure that becoming a HempWorx Affiliate was ☝️ of the better decisions I’ve made in a very long time!! See my happy face? 😃 It’s all because today is payday and this weeks pay is not just double, or triple... BUT 👉🏼6👈🏼 times more than my last paycheck 😲 !! That’s insane!! 🤯

I have to pinch myself... 💭💭💭
I feel so much better because of these products and now Im actually getting paid to share CBD from my 📱 and help other people live better, healthier lives too 🙌🏼 😊 🌟SO REWARDING 🌟

Pretty sure Thursdays are now my favorite day of the week! 💰
Hemp 💚 Health 🌱 Wealth 🤑

My natural adaptogens with a drop of peppermint are my new favorite afternoon pick me up! What do you grab when you need more energy? #adaptogens #moreenergy #moreclarity #lessstress #cortisolcontrol #isagenix #essence

auccchhh!!!! Tremendo golpe pero con mi ungüento Pain Relief #isagenix #painrelief

Since fear is false evidence appearing real step into that anxiety and manifest your success ✔️✔️✔️adding VALUE all DAY 😇😇😇. Turnyournosintocashflows.com

Functional training tonight! I was tempted to stay for the next class as well. I think I have the gym bug. 😱Finding the gym so much easier than I have ever found it in my life!! Changing my diet was the best decision I ever made. 💖😇 #gymbunny #lifestylechange #diet #isagenix #isabodychallenge #arenalwellness

Imagine what would happen if you just go all in!

Keep going

You really can't do both and still succeed!

Recetas Saludables Isacenterfit Cali 🍏 ¡El Monstruo Verde!
Ingredientes: ✅2 Cucharadas medidoras de IsaShake Vainilla Cremosa ✅2 ramas de apio ✅1 taza de espinacas ✅Un manojo de menta fresca ✅8 onzas de agua ✅Hielo


Mezcla todos los ingredientes en tu IsaBlender y ¡Disfruta! 🤤

Los batidos verdes tienen muchos beneficios para tu organismo, ricos en clorofila, esta tiene una importante acción antioxidante, aporta minerales esenciales como el magnesio y ayuda a eliminar metales pesados, reducen el colesterol y los triglicéridos en la sangre evitando así enfermedades del corazón, fortalecen y nutren el sistema digestivo evitando el estreñimiento debido a la gran cantidad de fibra encontrada en ellos, entre muchos mas que le darán un giro a tu salud, pruébalo y veras los cambios inmediatos.


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